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24 cans Pack Blueberry & Açai


Flexibility is really important in our daily lives and berries help to achieve it. RAW Blueberry - Açai has been developed using organic açai berries and blueberries to improve your flexibility and hydration.

RAW is the healthiest sports drink: non-carbonated, 0% added sugar, loaded with electrolytes, suitable for vegans and celiacs..

We have the answer for those who want to rehydrate in a 100% healthy way, for those who are looking for an organic, clean and functional drink adapted to their lifestyle. We help you reload the electrolytes you lose when you sweat while taking care of your health.

Yoga and fashion enthusiasts love this super smooth organic flavour, which recharges your body with antioxidants and harnesses all the benefits of açai and berries.

An electrolyte, vitamin, and antioxidant rush that will organically refresh you at any time of the day. The perfect choice for all types of consumers (vegans, celiacs, children...) because it is completely healthy, low in calories and contains 0% added sugars.

RAW contains 0% added sugar and is made only with organic ingredients and organic superfruits. That's why it has the BIO seal of the European Union.

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