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Jaume Masia is considered to be one of the most promising motorcyclists on the planet. In 2015, at only 14 years old, he made his debut in the FIM CEV Moto3 Junior World Championship and finished 5th in the championship, achieving a podium in Aragón. Two years later, he took second place in the Moto3 Junior World Championship after wins at Aragón and Valencia, as well as a total of six podiums.

At the age of 18 he made his debut in the 2018 Moto3 World Championship, and in the current 2019 season he already knows what it is like to win a Grand Prix and lead the world championship.

His beginnings in motorcycling date back to a very early age, when his father introduced him to the world of motorcycling. From that moment on, Jaume has not stopped fighting and evolving to get where he is now. Closer to being world champion!

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Jaume Masià y el camino a la gloria

The year 2000 generation is standing out in elite sport; among them, the motorcycle rider Jaume Masià. The young star, who is 18 years old, is celebrating his second full season in the Moto3 World Championship and last September he invited us to his home in Algemesí, in the municipality of the Valencian Community, to talk about his evolution as a racing driver.

And to find out the origin of this evolution, we have to get closer to the father figure: “The hobby of motorcycles comes from my father, I was amused by them but the one who was really going to race was my sister. She was a bit better at it than I was, but she had a couple of incidents and I decided to try it out myself. I got hooked and we started to go in the afternoon to train in a polygon, we didn’t take it seriously, we were just going to ride”. Jaume Masià began to take his hobby more seriously at the age of eight, when his father enrolled him in a selection process to be awarded a scholarship at the Cradle of Champions, a motorcycle rider training project directed by Julián Miralles, which will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2019. Masià tells us that “at the beginning there were some selection rounds and the five fastest riders entered with a scholarship. In my first year I was fifth, beating many riders who went year after year to this selection. That’s why I have the number 5 on the bike”. The Cradle of Champions has been visited by outstanding riders of the motorcycle world championship such as Joan Mir, Jorge Martín, María Herrera, Marcos Ramírez, Arón Canet, Albert Arenas or Juanfran Guevara. Masià commented that “I was lucky enough to be at a time when there was a lot of level in Valencia and they were promoting motorcycling”.

In 2009, the rider from Algemesi was proclaimed runner-up of the Cuna de Campeones Bancaja and champion of the Comunidad Valenciana in mini bikes. One year later he became the champion of the Cuna de Campeones Bancaja in Mini GP 140cc 4T. Good moments and many anecdotes to tell: “in the Cradle of Champions it was a bit different than now, I remember finishing the rounds and being anxious to take off my overalls and helmet to go and play ball, that friendship between rival riders is now a bit more difficult to maintain, it’s different. Now in the circuits the only thing I think about is working and being inside the box to improve the bike. When I was little I didn’t have any pressure, to go out and enjoy the bike without having the desire to go faster and faster… having to do it well and prove it. But that’s what I’ve chosen, apart from being my hobby it’s my job and that’s why I like the pressure. If I didn’t want to win I wouldn’t be racing and that’s what makes me go to training and improve day by day.

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In 2010, Jaume Masià made the jump to the Mediterranean Speed Championship (CMV), at that time the most important national motorcycle competition and where he also experienced difficulties due to his weight and height: “I always put ballast on the bike, but these have also made me learn and suffer more than the others. With the weights I was more tired, but in the end it is part of the growth of the rider and I have had to accept it. I consider myself a talented and fast rider, but nowadays in any sport if there is no job behind it is impossible to get results because in the world championship everyone has more or less talent and if there is no job behind it is very difficult to stand out.

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An intense work that bears fruit in 2017 when he was runner-up in the FIM CEV Junior Moto3 World Championship, winning a total of 6 podiums and winning the races at Motorland Aragón and the Ricardo Tormo Circuit. In this year he would also get his chance in the Moto3 World Championship, replacing the injured South African rider Darryn Binder in the Austrian Grand Prix: “I was very nervous but at the same time super happy about the opportunity. I was looking at everything with admiration and that’s also bad because you see everything so big; the trucks, the structures, the panels in the pits… for me it was all surprising and the truth is that I took it very much to heart, fighting for the podium in that race and showing what I was worth. Thanks to that I am where I am, that was my door to the World Cup, because before that I had nothing. I’m very grateful to the team I’m with for the opportunity KTM gave me and I think I took it.

Despite arriving so young at the World Cup, Jaume Masià has always had his feet on the ground: “when you were a child you had a dream, but as you mature you see how difficult it will be to reach that goal, it was something unthinkable. No one knows more than my family what it has cost me to get here, there are moments when you have to remember where you come from, I am lucky to be surrounded by very good people who remind me day by day and make me enjoy a little more of what I do”.

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In 2018 he made his first full season in the Moto3 world championship and in several races he came very close to achieving the podium. In 2019, after a complicated start in Qatar, dragged down by the injury he had in pre-season, World Championship glory arrives: victory in Argentina, second position in the USA and third in Italy. A season of highs and lows: “it has not been easy to manage this season with the team I’m in since it disappears next year, it has been a little difficult to manage the departure of the team for next season because I wanted a little more, to make a leap to a new goal and in the end internally has been quite complicated, also at the emotional level since I have become very fond of the team and they with me. From the outside it seems very easy, but if you’re not in the henhouse you don’t know what’s going on either; we’ve had a lot of bad luck with touches with other drivers, mechanical problems… in the end I think we’re not having a bad year, fighting in all the races to be ahead, with more or less luck but whoever works it all out comes and sooner or later we’ll be back on the podium.

Jaume Masià says goodbye to us, saying that: “in the end, we live at this age things that normal people don’t live. Having the pressure to do well in every race to carve out my future or at the level of contracts that is quite complicated, as well as the experiences of traveling around the world … a normal 17 or 18 year old boy does not live it and that is also a little more maturity that I have had”.

Good luck Jaume!


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