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Amount of sugar in food

That word, sugar. As dear as it is feared. How much we like it and how bad it can be for our bodies. In this article we will know the perverse in depth and the amount of sugar in food.

Also known as sucrose, formed by a glucose molecule and a fructose molecule, which is basically obtained from sugar cane or beet. Bread, chocolate, carrots, corn flakes, rice, tortillas, cakes or pasta are all foods with glucose; there is no problem eating them as long as you do it in the right measure. Fructose is a type of glucose that we will find in fruits and vegetables; grapes being one of the fruits that has a higher level (23 grams of sugar), as well as cherry, banana, watermelon or mango with levels close to 20 grams. You may have wondered how many grams a sugar cube has: 4 grams.

Sugar is basic, since it is fundamental for the activity of the brain and gives us the energy that allows us to move. Although the digestion of sugar must be controlled and included in a healthy diet, it must also be included in a daily sport practice, since this ingredient contains a high amount of calories. The World Health Organization’s recommendations on the use of sugar are that it should not contribute more than 10% of daily calories in both children and adults. For a 2,000-calorie diet, this is about 50 grams of sugar. Although the perfect amount for a balanced and optimal diet would be 5%, a total of 25 grams a day. That is the recommended daily amount of sugar.

Table of amount of sugar in food

The table of amount of sugar in food is key to evaluate the nutritional levels of a food, being a great principle of information and it is necessary to know what to eat before training to have the maximum performance. Any product must compulsorily contain in its description the amount of energy, as well as the amount of fat, carbohydrates, proteins and salt; detailing the amount of sugars and saturated fats.

Lemon & lima

Mandarine & mango

Strawberry & mint

Blueberry & Acai

How many grams of sugar should we eat a day

To form an overall assessment of the amount of sugar in a product, we have to look at how much percent is in relation to the total carbohydrate content. For example, if we consume a product that is listed in the Nutrition Facts table as 100 g of food providing 46 g of total carbohydrates, of which 18 g are sugars, this represents 40% of simple sugars. The sugar level is high when the product has more than 10 grams per 100 g of total food, being moderate if it has between 5 and 10 grams and low if it is less than 5 grams.

We already know how many grams of sugar per day we should eat. Now let’s get to know the other extreme, those foods with little sugar. Usually buy fresh products such as vegetables and fruits (except those mentioned above), eggs, lean meat, fish and seafood or nuts.

Soft drinks and isotonics have a high level of sugar and often even hide it among their ingredients, avoid consuming them unless you drink an isotonic type RAW Superdrink 100% organic and have no added sugar, only fructose. And if you drink tea or coffee, avoid sugar.

grams of sugar per day

Hidden sugar in food

Sauces also hide sugar in their recipes, if it is homemade much better; there is a lot of sugar hidden in foods. And also avoid eating desserts with sugar, it is advisable to end up eating a fruit or a yogurt. If you are addicted to chocolate, it better be very pure black type from 75% up. You can also bet on skimmed foods that generally have less sugar. If you eat all these low-sugar foods, your body will thank you.

Sugar-free diet

Finally, a sugar-free diet will keep you on top of what you eat, because there are a lot of products that contain sugar and you will have to cook everything you eat to make sure it is sugar-free. Processed products usually have a sugary trail. Avoid simple carbohydrates that add white flour, white pasta and white rice; ideally, they should be replaced with whole grains. You should plan your diet and consider whether you also want to eliminate natural sugars such as fructose; in other words, don’t eat fruit or some dairy products. Remember that fruit provides us with important nutrients, antioxidants and others that help fight free radicals. We recommend that you continue to eat fruit, even if you do so in moderation.

If you are diabetic, so your sugar level is higher than normal, you should watch what you eat and these are the sugar-free foods we recommend:

Fruits like grapefruit, oranges or lemons with high fiber and vitamin C.

As for vegetables, spinach, curly kale or lettuce, they are low in calories and rich in carbohydrates and vitamin A.

sugar-free diet

More low-sugar foods

Blueberries are a great choice, not only because they are antioxidant allies, but they are also rich in chromium which regulates blood glucose levels.

Think of those omega-3-rich fish like salmon, sardines or tuna that lower blood pressure.

Tomatoes are considered one of the most nutritious fruits and good for the skin, rich in vitamin C and A.

As for nuts, we recommend you eat nuts every day that regulate the level of glucose in the blood.

In short, we strongly recommend you not to exceed your daily sugar intake and to do sport every week. If you care about the sugar you consume every day, you will do your body and mind some good.

low-sugar food

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