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RAW Superdrink with the Dakar

Hydration on the Dakar is essential. There are few competitions in the world where hydration is as important as this one. The reasons are obvious. In the desert, temperatures of over 50°C are reached on a daily basis, and to face something like this you need to be well prepared.

Although many things have changed since the first editions of the Paris-Dakar to what it is today, there is one thing that remains intact: a desert is still a desert. Facing a Dakar with a paper map and a compass may not be the same as attacking the test with a GPS, but let’s make no mistake: crossing miles of dunes under a scorching sun is still within the reach of a select few.

For RAW Superdrink, the Dakar is in the spotlight: hydration in very hot environments plays a particularly important role. Faced with a rise in temperature, the human body reacts by activating a series of mechanisms to help it adapt to the new situation. Everything that has to do with hydration takes on a fundamental role in circumstances of extremely high temperatures. The body seeks to balance the body temperature through an extremely efficient mechanism: sweat. The truth is that to think about how the human body works is to delight in the spectacle of nature’s perfection. That is why, if we add sport to high temperature weather conditions, the situation can be very complex.

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Obviously it is not at all recommendable to do sport in situations of high temperature, but you have to understand that the sportsmen and women of the Dakar are professionals and are extremely well prepared to face these circumstances. As we said, the main mechanism used by the human body to deal with heat is perspiration through sweat. When we sweat we lose a lot more than water: we also lose a lot of mineral salts, which are what make sweat have that light (or not so light) salty taste. Among these mineral salts the electrolytes stand out very specially, which are very important minerals for the correct functioning of the human body, especially the central nervous system and the muscular system. A severe loss of electrolytes, without rapid and adequate replacement, can lead to situations of great risk for our organism. The main electrolytes include sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. As we commented, electrolytes mainly affect the nervous system and the muscular system, where potassium and sodium play a determining role in muscle contraction (that is why cramps usually appear when we exercise a lot without adequate electrolytic replacement).

The truth is that to replace the electrolytes we lose with sweat we need more than water, in this sense isotonic drinks are presented as the best alternative, a common error is to use hypotonic and hypertonic drinks to try to recover electrolytes. These drinks do not respect the cellular osmotic balance and are only recommended in really exceptional situations, under clinical supervision. Isotonic drinks such as RAW Superdrink recharge your electrolytes in the right way (because they have a perfect osmotic balance) and are the perfect way to rehydrate, especially for athletes.

The problem comes when we confuse terms or put all isotonic drinks in the same bag. RAW Sport Drink is the first isotonic drink on the market that is completely organic, and this means that it is the first drink of its category made only with organic ingredients (that is why we have the BIO seal of the European Union on our label). We don’t use artificial products, sugar or derivatives, and this really makes a difference. Many mainstream isotonic drinks, sold as sports drinks, are actually just soft drinks. We are talking about soft drinks with a large amount of sugar that do not help in rehydration at all, and much less in extreme environments and circumstances such as those of the Dakar.

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It is important to note that the most popular drink in the isotonic category contains almost 7 lumps of sugar, which is very unsuitable from a nutritional point of view (in fact, rather than “unsuitable” we should talk about it being truly harmful). RAW Superdrink offers a truly healthy alternative to organic rehydration. This idea of recharging sportsmen’s electrolytes without putting their health at risk can only be developed by putting the consumer at the centre of everything, and this is our philosophy. We built our brand on that one premise: consumer health had to be at the center of everything.

To respond to this challenge, the only possibility is to use the best ingredients, completely ecological and organic. That’s why we use organic coconut water (an incredible source of electrolytes, vitamins and minerals), organic sea salt, superfruits such as açai and baobab or alpine spring water. We know that in an environment like the Dakar, hydration plays an absolutely critical role. We are fully aware that the Dakar Rally is perhaps one of the toughest competitions in the world and that’s why, since its inception, it has managed to capture everyone’s attention. That’s why we offer a functional, healthy and completely organic solution for all those who are willing to beat the desert sun.

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