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Moto GP Pilots

Jorge Navarro

Jorge Navarro

▷ Jorge Navarro se ha unido al equipo de ✅ RAW Superdrink para hidratarse antes de competir en MotoGP. ¡Entra y descúbrelo todo sobre nuestro piloto!

Aleix Espargaro

Aleix Espargaro

▷ Aleix Espargaró is an official MotoGP rider and a lover of cycling ✅ He looks after his diet and seeks healthy hydration, which is why he is a RAW athlete

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RAW Superdrink in MotoGP

One of the first athletes to opt for RAW Superdrink was MotoGP rider Aleix Espargaró. It’s easy to imagine how it could have happened; the traditional story would be similar to something like this: RAW Superdrink contacts Aleix’s manager and makes him an offer of sponsorship. Aleix values it and gives the OK. And we are already in MotoGP. Surely you haven’t thought much about it but surely if you are asked “why does Aleix Espargaró wear the RAW logo on his MotoGP helmet? However, the reality is quite different, to begin with because it was Aleix Espargaró himself who contacted RAW Superdrink, after testing the brand in a cycling group. Aleix is one of the best motorcycle riders in the world, but he is also a great fan of cycling and extremely meticulous in his preparation, so cycling outings are part of his regular training.

The truth is that Aleix was full of enthusiasm to find in the market a drink that truly responded to his needs as a sportsman and adapted perfectly to him. Until RAW Superdrink, it was impossible to find a 100% ecological and organic sports drink on the line. That’s why Aleix was so motivated to find an isotonic drink that helped him to recover and rehydrate after competing in MotoGP or riding a bicycle, which was also completely healthy. RAW Superdrink is completely organic and natural, with no added sugars or “E” additives on the label. That’s what made Aleix want to be part of RAW Superdrink, because of that conviction. As you can see, the reality is slightly different from what usually happens in MotoGP. The MotoGP grill is full of energy brands and stimulant drinks that riders actually don’t even consume on a regular basis, let alone with a functional intent. It’s part of the “deception” of advertising and marketing, and frankly, we all know that.

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If a MotoGP rider drank a litre of stimulating drink before getting on the bike, we suppose you can imagine how it would end. MotoGP riders are true athletes and take great care of all the details that affect their sporting performance. All those who get on a bike and are able to ride at over 300 per hour have one thing in common: they are constantly wondering how they could go faster. And energy drinks are not part of the things that would help them go faster because, among many other things, they cause those who consume them to lose focus and the ability to concentrate.

A MotoGP rider loses about a litre and a half in a single race. It’s important to note that we’re talking about a single race, not a day of competition, not training or qualifying… this weight loss is fundamentally caused by sweat and that’s why rehydration is a critical aspect of racing. Aleix, who has been riding a motorcycle for almost his whole life, knew it very well and that is why, for him, having a partner like RAW Superdrink is something that helps him a lot in his daily life.

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The demand for professionalism means that consuming one product or another regularly has direct repercussions not only on your performance but also on your health. When you lose more than a kilo of weight because of sweat in a very short time, trying to rehydrate with water and nothing else is not the best idea. The human body loses a series of mineral salts with sweat (that’s why sweat has that slight salty taste) that water alone can’t recover. We are talking about electrolytes, which have a key influence on the nervous system and which affect practically all areas of the body, especially the nervous system (as we have already said) and the muscular system. These electrolytes are minerals that we find in our body (potaiso, magnesium, calcium…) and that we cannot replace exclusively with water. Isotonic drinks, such as RAW Superdrink, achieve the perfect electrolyte balance and help “recharge” our body with the levels of key minerals we need to continue performing at the highest level, whether you are a MotoGP rider or if you practice any other type of sport.

The entry of RAW Superdrink into the competitive MotoGP is good news in a context (the world of motorsport) traditionally marked by the advertising of unhealthy brands. We are different from everything that has been done so far and we also want to mark a before and after in MotoGP advertising, opening a new path to other types of healthy brands that are (we are) willing to respond to a new generation of consumers and athletes concerned about health and binestar, well informed and truly committed.

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