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Leo Tarrat

Leo Tarrat

▷ Leo Tarrat is a new RAW Athlete ✅ 100% committed to his great passion, he is aware that good training and healthy habits are key

Javi Lliso

Javi Lliso

▷ Javi Lliso ha llevado su pasión por el Sky a un nuevo nivel ✅ También su hidratación, por eso, Javi es un nuevo Atleta Raw.

RAW Superdrink with Snowboard

Snowboarding and freeskiing are part of our DNA as a brand. RAW Sport Drink is a drink for all kinds of athletes but we really love action sports and extreme sports and the truth is that whenever we can, we escape to the mountains to practice them. All our products are manufactured near an Alpine spring and that, in the end, comes to the fore. We look for the maximum quality in each ingredient and nothing else. So, if you’re looking for a drink to rehydrate after a hard off-piste or practicing your best tricks, RAW Superdrink is the best option. It’s no way to talk: our ingredients are totally organic, with no added sugar or artificial products, and that’s something that makes a definite difference. Coconut water, baobab, organic superfruits or organic sea salt.

To think of snowboarding and freeskiing as sports in which it is not necessary to pay special attention to nutritional aspects and hydration is a sadly widespread mistake. Fortunately, the new generations of winter sportsmen and women are much better informed and are beginning to be fully aware of the importance of handling all these kinds of details. The talent and ability to go down fast, jump further or do the best tricks is marked by a set of details ranging from physical preparation to recovery or technique. The feeling of freshness and freedom we feel in the snow should not make us fall into the trap of poorly hydrating ourselves, or of pretending to do so with the wrong products. Sports recovery is almost as important as good training, and in this sense, RAW Superdrink can help you take your recovery to a new level. Think about how you perform in the mountains when you are at 100% and think about how you perform when you are tired. No color, right?

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RAW Superdrink’s isotonic hydration helps us to maintain our electrolyte level at the proper standards, this means that we organically and functionally recover the basic mineral salts that we lose through sweat and from sports. No matter how fresh and free we feel, snowboarding, freeskiing and other winter sports implicitly bring with them a brutal loss of electrolytes because you also sweat (and a lot) in the snow. This loss of mineral salts (potassium, magnesium, calcium…) caused by sweat is what is known as an electrolyte deficit and in the first instance it affects performance significantly. The athlete begins by showing symptoms of exhaustion that can end up in cramps and major injuries. Cramps are very common in cases where we do not replenish our electrolytes properly because electrolytes are our electrical charge and directly influence the nervous and muscular system.

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The fact that many brands have associated their image with extreme snow sports because of the values of freedom they transmit does not mean that their consumption is advisable (and much less for the purpose of sports improvement). The mainstream sweetened isotonic drinks and also the energy drinks have made a great investment in advertising to appear on the helmets of the heaviest snow and freeski athletes but their consumption in these circumstances is totally inadvisable. In fact, their consumption is always inadvisable because they are very harmful to health, promoting obesity and all kinds of associated problems: from heart disease to tooth decay, but what makes them even less advisable when it comes to practicing this type of sport is that they contain stimulating sustacines that directly affect our ability to concentrate. Moreover, if what we want is to rehydrate ourselves and replace the mineral salts that we lose in the mountains, this type of drink achieves the opposite effect: artificial sugar dehydrates us and in these drinks the natural mineral salts are conspicuous by their absence.

That is why we would like to recommend RAW Superdrink, because we are a different isotonic drink, which puts the consumer’s health at the centre of everything. Our brand is built with the consumer’s health in the center and from there on the rest. In the old isotonic drink brands (none of them organic or ecological), the margins and profits come first. We believe that this mercantilist way of doing things in mass consumption must be overcome by a new generation of consumers who are fully demanding and conscious in their consumption acts.

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