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Surf athletes

Yago Domínguez

Yago Domínguez

▷ Yago Dominguez surfs, skates and also snows ✅ He is a total athlete who has taken his passion for sliding to a new level.

Harry Timson

Harry Timson

▷ Harry Timson likes to fly! The British surfer is full of talent and stands out for his monumental aerials ✅ Get to know this RAW athlete better!

Kike Suarez

Kike Suarez

▷ Kike Suárez is a young surfer from Asturias with a lot of potential. Go to his profile of Atleta Raw to know him a little better ✅

Melania Suarez

Melania Suarez

▷ From the Canary Islands, surfer Melania Suarez joins the RAW Superdrink Athletes team ✅ Get to know her a little better in her profile

Jaime Fernández (Jimbox)

Jaime Fernández (Jimbox)

▷ Jimbox is one of the pioneers of paddle surfing in Spain. Regularly in the most powerful wave sessions in the north, Jimbox is the first RAW Athlete ✅

RAW Superdrink with surfing

RAW Superdrink is destined to become the reference isotonic drink for a new batch of surfers aware that a good recovery is key to improving technique and results. The training of a surfer can be exhausting, Melania Suarez, Yago Dominguez or Ainara Aymat, our RAW Athletes linked to surfing, know very well despite their youth. Being in the water is fun but also really demanding. The body is dehydrated by the effort (also by the saltpeter) and the conditions tend to be extremely variable: with very hot days and very cold days. In this sense having a good partner to stay well hydrated and recover all the vitamins and minerals that are lost in each bath is essential.


The diet of athletes has been shown in all disciplines as one of the keys to success and in surfing, a sport with high peaks of intensity in which also plays a fundamental role the physical background, this aspect is especially key. So far, many brands have approached surfing to nourish themselves advertising their values and lifestyle ideal without paying too much attention to either surfing or surfers. At RAW Superdrink we know what it means to surf and the values that are linked to the ocean. We put every surfer at the center and that’s why we’ve created a completely organic and natural product, made only with natural and organic ingredients and… nothing more: no added sugars, no artificial products, no sweeteners or stabilizers: just organic ingredients. For us, this commitment to quality is much more than important; it is our raison d’être. And our athletes know it. They are part of a generation of young athletes who have wanted to go further in the functional knowledge of everything that surrounds their activity and who have opted to collaborate with a brand of beverages that truly helps them grow as athletes and as professionals.

The truth is that in the last decade surfing has changed a lot and has become one of the fastest professionalised sports in history. The evolution of surfing as a sport admits very few comparisons and in recent years the boom that has suffered surfing has become a multitudinous sport. The surf schools and the appearance of extremely well organized competitions have ended up making a sport that was intended for a minority, is now practiced around the world. Nowadays it is not outlandish to think of living from surfing, both professionally, as a monitor or competition judge, to give a couple of examples, and competitively (although in this part there are only a few chosen). This professionalization of surfing is also accompanied by a new requirement.

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In the nineties it was quite common to find professional surfers who were quite overweight or out of shape, some had unhealthy and unrecommendable lifestyles and yet were able to stand out from the world’s professional surfing elite. Today this idea is absolutely unthinkable. Professional surfers act like true elite athletes (because they are), and they take extremely good care of every detail of their preparation, because talent alone is no longer enough. When we say every detail we don’t exaggerate. The physical and functional training can be the basis of the results but without a good diet that accompanies it and an adequate recovery nobody will be able to go far in the demanding world of the current surfing. This is great news because surfing is accompanied by a lot of values that in RAW Sport Drink we know well because we live them with intensity: ecology, nature, overcoming, sport … all these concepts are completely linked to the ocean and any surfer knows them first hand. In short, the emergence of surfing as a global phenomenon favours a healthier and better world.

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The evolution of surfing means that we hardly remember its Hawaiian origins in the first half of the twentieth century. Today’s boards and maneuvers have little to do with those giant wooden boards designed to run the foam, in a straight line. The appearance of the short boards and the three keels turned the world of surfing upside down and a kind of fever arose that today reaches its highest heights. For us this is exceptional news because it brings many people closer to a healthy lifestyle, a lifestyle that puts them in touch with nature and helps them connect with themselves. Choose RAW Sport Drink to accompany you on your best wave days and bet on a truly healthy lifestyle.

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