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Guidelines for a balanced diet

Balance gives us happiness. When all the parts of our body work in harmony, we feel healthy. And for all this to happen, food plays a fundamental role, energy for our body that will affect us according to its quality and variety. Therefore, in this article we are going to talk about the guidelines for a balanced diet.

For a healthy diet, it must provide ingredients in optimal quantities to avoid deficiencies and cover our needs. If we start with the calories that give us more energy: every day we should eat proteins and carbohydrates. On the other hand, we have to provide our bodies with vitamins and minerals.

Food diversity

Food diversity is achieved by eating a variety of foods. Vegetables, fruits, cereals, oils, meat, fish… because, individually, none of these foods includes all the nutrients our body needs.

Fruit and vegetables

Foods of vegetable origin are very necessary in our daily diet and health, far above those of animal origin. The Mediterranean diet is a clear example of diverse and healthy food intake. Fruits, vegetables, legumes, vegetables, olive oil and, to a lesser extent, meat.

Vegetables provide fibre, minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates. Low in fat and no cholesterol.


If our diet must have the optimal energy for the proper functioning of our body, it is also necessary that we do not make important intakes, consume moderate amounts to avoid obesity. Excess weight leads to high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. For a good balance it is necessary to eat every day in moderation.

Lemon & lima

Mandarine & mango

Strawberry & mint

Blueberry & Acai

Healthy weekly menu

It is also important not to stay hungry, the amount should be sufficient so that we do not feel empty stomach. This is an optimal healthy weekly menu guideline:


Fish and seafood 3-4 weekly rations
Lean meats 3-4 weekly rations
Eggs 3-4 weekly rations
Vegetables 2-4 weekly rations
Dry fruits 3-7 weekly rations
Milk, yogurt and cheese 2-4 weekly rations
Olive oil 3-6 weekly rations
Vegetables 2 daily rations
Fruits 3 daily rations
Bread, cereals, rice, pasta and potatoes 4-6 daily rations
Water 4-8 daily rations
Wine or beer Optional and moderate consumption
Physical activity Daily (at least 30 minutes)
balanced diet

5 meals a day

It is essential to eat in a varied way during 5 meals a day, this way it will also be more fun for our mind and 100% healthy: breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. With variety we will adapt more to the desired diet, avoiding repetitions. As well as making nutritious food appealing, if our goal becomes an effort, you will end up giving it up. We must practice a balanced diet.

Daily fluid intake

The daily intake of liquids is fundamental for our organism. It is advisable to drink between 1 and 2 litres a day. To have a well hydrated body, water must be fundamental. The Spanish Nutrition Society recommends 4-6 glasses a day.

Eliminate industrial bakery

High-calorie foods derived from fat and sugar This is what makes them so addictive. We should avoid eating this type of food and, if we want to sin sometime a week, it is better that the pastries are homemade, at least we will know the origin of the ingredients that they contain.

Playing sports

Without a doubt, eating should be compensated with physical exercise, it will also help us lose weight quickly. Healthy habits to strengthen our body and burn energy, avoiding sedentarism. From going out for a daily walk to starting to run, bike, swim or go to the gym. We must strengthen our muscles and fiber so that, over the years, our body does not deteriorate so quickly. Over the years, our cells are destined to age, but by doing sport we can slow down biological aging.

well-balanced diet

Slimming tips

Changes in your daily habits compared to what you had, avoiding weighing yourself every day so as not to become an obsession. Eating variety and in normal amounts. Eating slowly and drinking more water every day, avoiding liquids with sugars and artificial products. A good option is RAW Superdrink, a 100% organic isotonic drink that has a high nutritional value and does not add sugars, beyond those of fructose.

lose weight quickly

When we talk about the daily caloric expenditure, we refer to the energy spent for each calorie consumed when moving around in the day to day. If the objective is to lose weight, the caloric expenditure must be higher than the calories consumed, and the weight must be lost. From there, exercise to burn calories.

In short, it is no secret that to have a balance in our body we must start with the food we provide. It is important to go out to the market, touch the products that we will later cook, impose a Mediterranean diet and not eat between meals. Always respecting the five daily intakes and playing with the variety of foods, giving more importance to those of vegetable origin than animal. As well as drinking 2 liters of water daily.

And these healthy eating habits should be accompanied by doing sport, sleeping a minimum of 8 hours a day and avoiding work stress as far as possible. In the sum of all these habits we will achieve the balance that our body and our mind will appreciate so much. Balance brings us wellbeing. When parts of our body work together, we feel better. For all this to happen, food plays a vital role.

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