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Beer is isotonic and the Three Kings exist

On the Internet there are all kinds of hoaxes and there are stories for all tastes, isotonic beer is one of them. No matter how crazy an idea it is, there’s bound to be someone getting on the bandwagon. Beer and sports have a lot of these amazing comments that seem to be taken from a science fiction movie, but in reality, although some people are determined to defend the properties of beer in social networks and in many online forums until it becomes almost a kind of magic drink, isotonic beer simply does not exist!

Do you really think that beer is a good option for hydration after sports? The supposed isotonic formula of this alcoholic beverage cannot withstand any minimally rigorous and serious study. The idea that beer can be one of the recommended sports drinks does not hold up anywhere, to begin with because alcohol, in addition to being highly harmful to our bodies, also dehydrates us! So when someone tells you that beer hydrates, maybe you should remind them 😉

It must be clear that although beer brands invest millions of euros in advertising to give a different image (the beer industry is in the top 3 of those who invest more money in television advertising), beer is an alcoholic beverage that also has a high amount of carbohydrates.

Another common mistake when talking about sports drinks is to confuse isotonic drinks with hypotonic or hypertonic ones. Let’s answer this question in a couple of lines: what is an isotonic drink? To sum up: these are drinks that provide our body with the right amount of mineral salts, electrolytes and water that we lose when we do sport. When we sweat we lose mineral salts (that’s why sweat has that salty taste) that we need to recover.

Beer and electrolyte replenishment

The electrolytes are like our electrical recharge and doing sport discharges us. RAW Superdrink is an isotonic drink because it helps you replenish electrolytes. To understand us, when you rehydrate yourself with RAW it’s like you’re recharging your internal battery. Among the electrolyte recharging, it is important to highlight the replacement of sodium, which is one of the minerals present in our body and which is key for the correct functioning of our organism. Some commercial drinks with electrolytes do not respect the balance.

Lemon & lima

Mandarine & mango

Strawberry & mint

Blueberry & Acai

Energy drinks are also not isotonic

There are many other drinks that are not suitable if what we are looking for is a functional, healthy and sporting hydration. Soft drinks and energy drinks have also tried to promote an image of hydration with powerful advertising and marketing campaigns to enter the collective imagination as a good way to defeat thirst and hydrate.

However, in both soft drinks and energy drinks we find a large amount of added sugars, sweeteners, artificial ingredients and stimulants that are very harmful to our health and also act in the opposite way. Did you know that many mainstream drinks that pretend to be isotonic drinks are not really isotonic? Many brands use sports hydration as an advertising gimmick but don’t do things right. The result is that you are consuming a soft drink loaded with added sugars and artificial products that, instead of rehydrating you, achieve the opposite effect.

sports hydration

It’s the same with beer. The image that has been sold of this drink is associated with hydration and heat. The consumer ends up accepting as a good idea something that is not a good idea at all. Thinking that an alcoholic drink can be a good option for hydration does not make much sense.

Beer and hydration for athletes

It’s worse if we’re talking about sports hydration. The possibility of suffering from dehydration when doing sports (especially in long-distance, high-intensity sports or in hot environments) is a very serious issue and no one should try to do business with something like this.

The loss of mineral salts and electrolytes (especially sodium) is accentuated in this type of situation, so we need to rehydrate ourselves with a proper drink, such as RAW Superdrink, which helps us balance our electrolyte level in an organic and healthy way. Don’t let them fool you with science fiction movies, neither the Three Kings exist, nor is beer an isotonic drink, nor does a soda have the formula for happiness. The consumption of alcoholic beverages and sugary soft drinks increases blood pressure and obesity, putting people’s health at obvious risk.

hydrated beer

A healthy alternative to beer

RAW Superdrink is the healthy alternative to all those old fashioned brands, who think only of their economic benefits and who don’t care about the health of their consumers. We were born to hydrate a new generation of well-informed and conscientious athletes, who are looking for answers to improve their performance without putting their health at risk. If you haven’t already done so, we invite you to join our revolution. A healthy lifestyle in a bottle.

isotonic beer

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