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Benefits of spinning

Fernando Fernán Gómez was not wrong when, at the end of the 1970s, he presented the play “Bicycles are for the summer”. Along with spring, it is the best time of the year to go out cycling; since, the temperature is perfect to wear a jersey and a short ass, the hours of sunshine are extended and we accumulate positive slopes without passing cold in the mountains.

With the arrival of autumn and winter, the panorama changes radically; the cold, the rain and the long nights force us to stay many days at home without practicing our favorite sport. Although the so-called “365-day cyclist” continues to train at home with his roller or simulator, the vast majority of sportsmen and women do not have these accessories. This is the moment when the static bicycle or, also called, the spinning bicycle appears with force. Although this does not prevent you from taking the isotonic drink for cyclists.

have you ever done a spinning class? No kidding, if the question is affirmative, you will know what we mean. The level of intensity of a class can be so high that the best prepared cyclist can be blown away. Spinning allows you to pedal without losing your balance, so basically we will have to focus on pedaling; but the spinning music, the lack of air in the rooms where it is practiced, the accumulation of heat and the changes in intensity will put you to the test.

Before getting on a spinning bike, we will adapt the saddle to the height of our crotch. Once we are seated, we will finish adjusting the desired position of the handlebars and place our feet on the pedals (either with or without cleats, the platforms of spinning bikes accept both options). If you do not adapt the bike to your body morphology you will surely end up getting injured. Once you are on top of the bike and feel comfortable, it is time to regulate your cadence; starting with gentle pedalling, you will gradually warm up as your body adapts to the activity and your heart rate starts to rise.

Health benefits of spinning

The spinning bike has many health benefits and is perfect for practicing at any age, such as crossfit. On the one hand, the joints practically do not suffer because the impact is low, decreasing the risk of injury. On the other hand, you do a cardiovascular exercise that activates your metabolism; your heart will thank you for it. Finally, cycling constantly reduces stress, you lose weight and you generate positive substances for your mind that make you feel happy. There are several studies that talk about happiness related to cycling.

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The indoor classes

We return to the indoor cycling classes to talk about the heart rate, which we must control when we pedal and that the computer cycles of the spinning bikes already have the sensor built in. Studies state that the normal heart rate for an adult person is between 50 and 100 beats; if you are an athlete, between 40 and 60 beats per minute at rest. With regard to high heart rate, it is recommended not to exceed the formula of 220 beats minus your age. For example, a person of 40 years old should not exceed 180 pulsations of maximum heart rate; world apart is the elite sport, where efforts are made above the normal and you get to exceed this formula. On the other hand, after several studies, it seems that a woman’s normal pulse beats differently when exercising than a man’s. They have a slightly lower maximum heart rate than men.

You may have wondered how to calculate your pulse per minute. Place both fingers on the carotid artery in your neck or on your wrist and count your pulse for 15 seconds, then multiply that figure by 4.

indoor cycling classes

What is the Karkoven formula

When it comes to heart rate in exercise, we can also use the Karkoven formula to program your workouts based on heart rate zones. Using the data of your maximum heart rate and also at rest, you will determine the ideal heart rate for a training zone. The mathematical formula is as follows: Target heart rate = ((Maximum heart rate – Resting heart rate) × % Intensity) + Resting heart rate

What is the Borg scale

On the other hand, you can also use the Borg scale. It measures the effort you make when you exercise so that you can analyze the intensity. You should use a scale from 0 to 10. The 0 will be absolute rest, 1 very gentle effort, 2 gentle, 3 moderate, 4 a little hard, 5 and 6 hard, 7, 8 and 9 very hard and 10 maximum effort. Using your common sense, you will score each exercise you do and thus measure the intensity of your exercises.

You already know a little more about everything you need to know to take a spinning class. In order to enjoy cycling on an exercise bike without boring it over time, we recommend that you start out very smoothly and increase the intensity very gradually, pedaling two or three times a week. Afterwards, you may even be able to pedal 4 or 5 times a week; but also remember to take days off, as your muscles need to recover from the effort and if you don’t do this you could have a muscle stress injury.

borg scale

Hydration in spinning

We also recommend that you hydrate yourself every 15 minutes of cycling, since in closed spaces we sweat a lot more and get considerably dehydrated; we suggest an isotonic drink that recovers your electrolyte levels and, if it is a 100% ecological isotonic drink like RAW Super Drink, much better. Your body and your mind will thank you; after a few months you’ll see significant progress and when spring comes, you’ll be cycling down the mountain having acquired a good physical shape.

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