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Calculate your BMI

Obsessed with weight, with reducing body mass in search of feeling lighter when doing sport to avoid problems such as plantar fasciitis and above all, in long-distance activities where the weight is a backpack that we must optimize to get the maximum performance in every movement we do.

You may have noticed how thin long-distance cyclists or runners are; they are looking for fat-free weight, pure fiber and efficiency in every pedal stroke or stride. In other sports, such as ski jumping, they also look for light weight to keep them in the air for as long as possible. The opposite would be in alpine skiing, since in speed disciplines those heavier skiers have an advantage that for pure physics will descend faster.

The body mass index is calculated with the variables weight and height, always for adults; it is a simple and easy to use measure when we have the formula to calculate the percentage. Calculate your BMI: The first figure mentioned in kilograms is divided by the second in square meters. For example, a person weighing 63 kg and 1.70 m has a BMI of 21.8. This would be considered normal weight. For children the index is different. It also has to do with dehydration and the type of drinks you drink while doing sport. We recommend that you read our article on the differences between isotonic, hypertonic and hypotonic drinks.

Overweight and BMI

If your BMI indicates that you are obese I, II, III or IV you should go to an expert doctor to avoid suffering from cardiovascular disease. Reducing weight will also reduce your chances of having heart problems, among other diseases caused by excess body fat. It will improve your quality of life.

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BMI value scale

This is the value scale of the BMI calculator. Calculate your BMI male or female: This is the scale of values of the BMI calculator. Calculate your BMI man or BMI woman:

< 18.5 Underweight18.5 – 24.9 Normal weight
25 – 26.9 Overweight grade I
27 – 29.9 Overweight grade II (pre-obesity)
30 – 34.9 Type I obesity35 – 39.9 Type II obesity
40 – 49.9 Type III (morbid) obesity
> 50 Type IV (extreme) obesity



Calculate your BMI man

As we see on the scale, calculating your BMI and ideal weight is accessible to everyone. Currently, there are several websites that by putting your data on weight and height give you the result on the spot.

Also known as the Quételet index, since it was invented by the Belgian statistician Lambert Adolphe Jacques Quételet in the 19th century, the body fat index is a widely used tool to measure the nutritional status of each person and to detect obesity by finding the fat of each person. Men will have a slightly higher result than women, because statistically they are taller and weigh more than women. If you have started practicing crossfit at an age, this will allow you to better measure your goals for the day.

If you’re underweight, it’s because you don’t eat enough throughout the day to meet your body’s needs. We recommend that you see a specialist to order this malnutrition.

Normal weight, also known as normopesos, includes you among those who are at a healthy weight. In spite of this, do not forget to eat everything, healthy and do sport. Never let your guard down.

If you are overweight I or II, it means that you need to diet, burn abdominal fat to avoid illness. Switch to a healthy diet and eat in a varied way. If you practice sport and eat fruit and vegetables steamed, baked or grilled you will see a change for the better in your weight, you will feel much better. We also recommend that you go to a dietician who will give you professional advice. For example, at RAW we have decided to include several superfruits and coconut water among our components to offer the best healthy drink.

Calculate your BMI

There are also formulas to calculate your ideal weight. We always talk about a statistic that a doctor could question but that serves us to have a reference that is useful and easy to access for everyone. Adults and children. To calculate it, we must first put if you are a man or a woman, then your age and then when you measure. The result generates a range. The difference with the Body Mass Index is that it does not give you a BMI figure, but gives you exactly which kilos you should be at your ideal height and weight. It is a formula with more characteristics and it varies according to your sex, age and height. For example, a 46 year old man with a height of 170 cm would be in the ideal weight range of 63.6 to 78 kg, being a normal weight.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends the ideal weight according to a parameter of ideal kilos, starting from the height of each one.

The weight of each one is linked to the quality of life, because an insufficient or obese nutritional state will harm our health and we will have more possibilities of having diseases throughout our lives. Therefore, we recommend that you calculate your BMI to keep yourself healthier over time.

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