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Crossfit at home

You’ll think it’s crazy to think we can do crossfits at home, mainly because most homes don’t have a padded floor, high walls and various elements to make the wods. But nothing could be further from the truth.

First of all, let’s take a quick look at your clothing to do some crossfit exercises at home. Starting with your feet, we’ll choose a comfortable sport shoe that has good heel support and provides breathability in the instep area. Then, elastic socks that fit your foot well, are reinforced at the toe and heel, and have good instep support.

As for pants and T-shirt, that’s where we’ll demand the most comfort. We don’t want to notice the clothes, as if we were naked. So we’ll wear elastic, side-opening shorts so we don’t have pressure points when we squat or bend our leg. The T-shirt should also be very elastic so that it allows us the greatest mobility; as well as having good breathability, expelling sweat to the outside and being quick drying.

You will spend most of the day inside a box or at home and the temperature will be high, added to the temperature your body will experience in each exercise, it will be worth spending a little more money on a thermal shirt with high properties in breathability and quick drying. Doing sport with a wet T-shirt will harm our performance and we will have more chances of catching a good cold; cotton T-shirts are the worst recommended because they sweat little and get very wet, drying very slowly. You will also find T-shirts that will avoid the production of bad body odor: made of 100% natural materials, such as merino; also T-shirts made of synthetic materials but that include effective silver ions against odor. For them, sports bras are recommended to have a good compression of the breast and to keep it in place at all times.

Crossfit at home

Doing crossfit at home is an indispensable solution for today’s lifestyle, where work and family take time away from going to the box to train. Without leaving home we can do useful exercises that will give us resistance and elasticity.

And we could not start the crossfit circuit at home without the famous burpees. It is the best known exercise for working various muscles of the body without the need to use elements. We bend our legs in a squatting position and then put our hands on the floor and push our feet out together. Then we do a flexion, recover our legs and jump with our hands upwards, clapping our hands. This repetitive cardiovascular exercise is key for both beginners and experts.

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Crossfit exercises at home

We also have the squat exercises, as well as the well-known sit ups to strengthen the abdominal area, isometrics to mark and harden the abs, push ups, triceps exercises supporting the hands on a bed, chair or similar, etc. If you have a bar to place on a door frame, you can also strengthen your upper body. As you can see, there are several wods crossfit at home that you can do.

But you can also follow a crossfit table at home through the different tutorials you will find on the internet. You can also download to your mobile phone several apps about crossfit at home such as Wodlist, WodBox, Reebok CrossFit, WODzilla, Pocket WOD, Random WOD, WOD Warrior…

home crossfit

Box crossfit at home

Another important factor to consider when doing crossfit classes at home is routine and loneliness. In a box you will train in a group and at home you will be alone, so discipline will be fundamental. Look for your best moment of the day, even if it’s only for a few minutes; because the body is wise and all the exercises you do every day add up. The result, sooner or later, will always come if you make your box crossfit at home a routine. We also recommend that you don’t always do the same exercises, this way it will be much more fun; alternate wods on different days.

WODS crossfit at home

A basic routine would be to do 5-10 exercises with 5 repetitions. Then we would move to a second level of more intense routine with double, triple or more reps depending on the exercise. And don’t forget to warm up first and then go into calm mode to relax little by little until our body returns to a normal state of pulsation.

Over time, you will see a noticeable physical improvement and will wish you had more elements at home such as weights, bars or stretches that will allow you to perform more wods. The crossfit is designed to do multi-functional exercises, which squeeze various muscles in your body with repetition. To achieve this, it is not necessary to have a large space to do them and you can do many exercises at home.

Finally, always remember to rest between exercises and hydrate yourself with a good natural isotonic such as RAW Superdrink to recover electrolytes. Remember that resting is also part of good sports practice; otherwise, we will do the exercises exhausted, we will not succeed and we could even get injured.

wods crossfit at home

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