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Crossfit by ages

For those who think that crossfit is only for young people and strong body, in this article we will try to change your opinion through the knowledge of crossfit by age.

One of the greatest virtues of crossfit is its multi disciplinary breadth, allowing us to perform very varied routines and exercises adapted to all ages and abilities. In this way, each person should prioritize common sense to adapt to the exercise based on their physical abilities.

Crossfit has routines for everyone and, over time, it will depend on our physical improvement that we intensify the activity and increase the difficulty of our exercises. Because your brain directs the muscles and they also have memory; those who have a sport life will adapt more quickly to physical effort than those who have not exercised for a long time.

Therefore, we recommend starting in the world of crossfit smoothly and increasing efforts progressively, we do not want you to end up boring this fantastic sport and, thanks to the wide variety of exercises it presents, we are sure you will never leave it.

And if what you like is to compete and participate in the Open crossfit, these are the age categories: from 14 years, the Teens category covers those who are 14-15 years old and 16-17 years old. Then, there is a window of ages included in these divisions: 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59 and over 60 years. All of them for both men and women.

Then, there are other competitions such as the Spanish Throwdown where the age scale by category is classified as follows, for men and women: Elite, Master 35, Master 40 and Master 45.

Start practicing crossfit by age

But let’s go back to crossfit for everyone, regardless of whether we want to compete or not. At home or in the gym, the little ones can start with the crossfit kids, there are already boxes that make classes adapted for the little ones and we recommend not to start until the child turns 2; age at which the kids begin to have greater control of their psychomotor skills. Always practicing this sport as a game and live the experience with minimal physical risk. Keep in mind that in ages of greater growth it is better to play games and avoid lifting weights repeatedly. Children love to climb, run, dance, jump; These would be the basis of the exercises for the kids. All this, learning to work in a team.

During the adolescent phase, between the ages of 10 and 19, our body begins to live that transition between the one who stops being a child and begins to grow as an adult. It is time to adapt the WODs temporarily and, from the age of 14, make a leap in crossfit routines. Crossfit at age 14 will even allow us to start in the world of competition.

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Start at the crossfit

Starting young crossfit will allow us to have a basis for the future. And if you are one of those who have not done much sport throughout your life but the crisis of the 40’s comes up and you want to start exercising on a regular basis, we recommend that you first get a medical check and stress test. It is never too late if happiness is good and starting to practice sports at 40 is not a bad way to face your next years, your body and brain will thank you. In fact, today we get much younger at 40 than our predecessors and healthy habits makes you even consider starting to play sports at 50. It is totally possible to get fit at 50 and thanks to crossfit you will get it.

The crossfit routines in advanced ages will allow us to gain strength and delay the pain we drag with the passage of time. Being nailed to be well advised by a professional. The exercise table for people over 50 is not intended to seek intensity and gain strength and endurance.

until what age can you do crossfit

What is the maximum age for practicing crossfit?

You would be surprised at the large number of people over 60 who practice crossfit and even participate in Open competitions. Here it is very important to be well advised at all times, informing your coach about your ailments and physical condition during the practice of the routines. Basic exercises for people over 60 include aerobic, flexibility and balance movements. As well as moderate weight routines to combat the loss of muscle tissue.
As you can see, there is no maximum crossfit age. Age is not an impediment to doing the exercises. And in the box you will not find age groups, all together much better, it will be more fun and another of the most beautiful rules of the crossfit world will prevail: make you feel like you are in a family, in which everyone is encouraged as a team and grows spirit of improvement based on collective motivation. Of course, over the years, we will adapt to each situation and when we have been practicing sports for more years, we will better know how our body responds. In this way, when we reach advanced ages, we will be much better at our decisions in crossfit practice.

And remember that exercise is only part of the set, where hydration during sports and proper clothing to practice crossfit in the box or at home will also help us achieve our goals faster and healthier. Always choosing a 100% organic isotonic drink like RAW Superdrink, which will recharge your electrolytes naturally.

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