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Crossfit rope climbing

In this article we will show you how to climb a rope in crossfit in the most optimal and safe way, also known in English: rope climb. Getting up faster and saving energy. We will also teach you the technique to climb a crossfit wall. If you have any doubts about this type of exercise, we recommend that you take a look at our article where we explain what crossfit is.


Basic rope climbing technique

There are several ways to climb a rope, but at the beginner’s level it is advisable to start with the safest method; which is not the fastest but will allow us to improve our technique for climbing the crossfit rope. Basically we will use our feet to relax our arms, allowing us to stop and rest at any time while our feet rolled up on the rope hold all our weight, eliminating any possibility of falling.

Steps to climb a crossfit rope

The first step to learn this clamp will be to stretch your arms as high as you can to grab the rope and start climbing from the first impulse. Step number two will be to wrap our leg from the outside in, as if the leg were embracing the rope. Step number three will be to verify that we are doing step number two with our leg bent at 90 degrees and thus ensure that the first impulse will be feasible; otherwise, our foot will slip and we will not be able to start climbing. In step 4 the clamp arrives, the other foot will be placed in a bent position on the rope to be able to step on it optimally. So, we will have the rope well clamped between the two feet, so we will not slip. If we bend our leg to 90 degrees with every upward movement, we will be able to climb faster and safer.

In short, with a good technique we will be able to climb the rope as fast as possible with the minimum number of clamps made. When we have more experience, we can try to climb a rope by making a jump in the air, grabbing the rope with our hands halfway up and clamping the rope with our feet; so, we could even use a single clamp on a 4.5-meter rope.

What to wear to climb the rope in crossfit?

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, nowadays you can dress for the crossfit with technical clothing at a very affordable price, then everyone will decide how much they want to spend in order to wear technical material of higher quality and durability. Starting with the feet, we will wear comfortable sports shoes, with good heel support and hard soles, a factor to be taken into account when doing weight training, and that have flexibility in the toe to be able to flex the foot when we clamp the rope.

Lemon & lima

Mandarine & mango

Strawberry & mint

Blueberry & Acai

Crossfit socks of the compressive type will be effective in activating blood circulation or with a point of elasticity in their manufacture to fit our anatomy, as well as incorporating padded areas in the heel and toes for greater cushioning, then an area of arch support and finally areas with mesh panels for good breathability. Recommended height is 10 to 15 cm to avoid rubbing when doing rope exercises. On the other hand, we would enter the aesthetic section, without forgetting its functionality, where we will find socks that reach the knees.

As for the crossfit gloves, we will look at three terms: breathability, support and durability. We will demand gloves that dissipate humidity towards the outside and dry quickly so that they do not slip. On the other hand, we will use a size that does not make us airbags inside the glove, getting greater support and sensitivity when we grab any element. Finally, we will need that the gloves have reinforced points so that they last us much more time and to avoid the rubbing; without this last characteristic, after taking weights and ropes the glove will break quickly.

If you want to know more about the rope to climb, you should know that it is known as a climbing rope. You will find the models made of 30 mm diameter hemp, being the same ones used to prepare the fireman competitions. Twisted to 4 ropes, they are of a great resistance.

wall climb crossfit

How do you climb a wall?

When you get a taste for climbing training, you’ll also get a taste for wall climbing training, also known as wall climb crossfit. We have all seen movies where jumping and wall climbing is very common in training centers, the body is constantly moving and it will take a good level of strength, elasticity and technique to do it in the most effective way without giving up. This can be achieved more quickly by using the technique of super-compensation.

The basic technique of climbing crossfit has been known for years by sport climbing lovers. The climbing walls are an ideal space to learn about our body in every step we make in the different dams we find in the wall, having more difficulty in the falls.

technique to climb a wall

The first technique in the wall climbing is similar to that of climbing with the rope, we will relax our upper trunk to concentrate on having a good foot grip. Then we will move, stretching our limbs as much as possible to reach the end point sooner, while at the same time keeping our body from seizing up. Finally, we will try to have our body as close as possible to the wall to maintain a good balance, since if we separate from the wall we will lose the center of gravity.

Technique for climbing a wall

In the case of climbing a wall, we can do it with or without a rope. Without the help of a rope, there are two ways to crown the wall: by propelling yourself with the support of one foot or by doing it with both feet, as if you were running along the wall. In both cases, we will first have to run towards the wall and without stopping we will support one foot in order to push ourselves up strongly and reach the crowning. If you want to climb with both feet, also known as double support, the first foot will help the other to reach the crown. These two examples would be for walls of about 2.5 meters.

climb crossfit rope

Climbing a sloping wall

Training gets complicated if the wall collapses. To climb a sloping wall we will jump up to the top of the wall, then we will lift our legs sideways to also rest our feet on the top, the technique is completed by sliding that leg in bending to get more strength from the center of our body. Then the easiest part will come, when more than 50% of our body is already on the top of the wall we will have to let ourselves fall to the other side of the wall always keeping our hands tight to the wall so as not to lose our balance.

In the case of climbing a wall with a rope, this will help us to pass to the other side. Without losing the objective of the coronation, the rope will be an ally to support our feet on the wall while we push ourselves with our hands attached to the rope.

rope exercises

The sport of wall jumping will allow us to gain security at height, and then face more naturally when climbing a crossfit wall. We can also train climbing at home; as part of your crossfit training at home, being more expensive to set up a climbing wall, but nowadays there are more economical resin elements with various shapes to place your hands and train on supports to strengthen your fingers and trunk, as well as the well-known bars that adapt to the door frames. All these elements will allow us to take muscles that will then serve to overcome the walls more easily in crossfit.

crossfit wod

With these steps, you can now start doing rope exercises and overcome walls. And remember, during the breaks in each WOD don’t forget to hydrate yourself constantly as sweating in the box is important and you will need to recover the electrolytes lost due to physical wear. And if you do it with a 100% ecological isotonic drink like RAW Superdrink, you will hydrate yourself in a totally healthy way.

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