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Dakar 2020

From January 5 to 17, 2020, the forty-second edition of the Dakar was held, considered the toughest raid rally in the world. A dream come true in 1977 by its founder Thierry Sabine (1949 – 1986) and a challenge for all those participants who dare to survive the multiple traps that the desert hides.

This year debuted the Dakar in Saudi Arabia, for the first time in history the race would run through the Arabian peninsula. 12 stages, the first with departure from Jeddah, in the Red Sea, and the last with arrival in the mega tourism project of Qiddiya. In the country with the largest extension in the Middle East, pilots should ride 7,500 km (5,000 of which timed).

It was not an easy Dakar, quite the contrary. Most riders highlighted the hardness of the stages and, on two occasions, the death of a motorcycle rider had to be regretted: in stage 7, Paulo Gonçalves lost his life by accident alone, and five days after finished the rally, in the hospital Edwin Straver died after his accident in the race.

Among the 334 participating riders, 74 would be of Spanish nationality and, among them, 49 would be Finishers. That a third of the participating Spanish riders leave the Dakar before its end confirms the hardness of this rally for both the human being and the mechanics of the vehicles they ride.

For riders, this hardness must be managed months before the start of the rally, preparing physically and mentally to endure the 12 stages, learning to manage emotions and avoiding losing concentration in a Dakar where the slightest loss can cost you abandonment and even the death. Therefore, all riders also take great care of the food. Highlighting hydration, since the high temperatures that are lived in the desert with those experienced in the interiors of cars and trucks, together with the physical effort of riding for an average of 600 km per day (adding links and specials), as well as carrying extra kilos of weight in clothing and accessories makes the rider dehydrate very quickly and desperately need to recover lost electrolyte levels.

Hydration on the Dakar

Several Dakar riders choose to hydrate with RAW Superdrink, as it is the world’s first 100% organic isotonic drink. Not only does it hydrate you naturally, it has the necessary nutrients to withstand the most extreme conditions, avoiding stomach pains with the passing of the stages.

Lemon & lima

Mandarine & mango

Strawberry & mint

Blueberry & Acai

The camelback on the Dakar

Dakar motorcycle riders are required to use a 3-liter hydration bag at each stage and it is necessary to carry the healthiest isotonic to avoid intestinal problems; as well as, that it is a very potent nutritionally speaking liquid since for so many hours driving there are many moments of lack of hunger that lead to the deconcentration of the rider. RAW Superdrink is composed of super fruits like blueberries, açai or the pulp of the fruit of the baobab that has 6 times more vitamin C than an orange.

With RAW Superdrink, riders quickly recover lost electrolyte levels without harming their health. The market is full of isotonics full of sugars, sweeteners and other unhealthy and counterproductive ingredients for your body, athletes are big consumers of isotonic products, but they are not willing to hydrate at the expense of their health and even less in extreme situations like those who live the Dakar riders.

hydration dakar

Losers and winners of the Dakar

The Dakar has no losers, all those who finish the toughest raid rally in the world are winners. But there is always a riders who comes the fastest to finish; In this edition, the American Ricky Brabec won in motorcycle category, did the same the Spanish Carlos Sainz in cars with his co-driver Lucas Cruz, the Russian Andrey Karginov won in trucks, along with Andey Mokeev and Igor Leonov, in quads the Chilean Ignacio Casale did the same in SSV, Casey Currie won with his co-rider Sean Berriman.

Finalists of the 2020 Dakar

It should be noted the category of motorcycles without assistance, called Original, and which expresses the most authentic version of the race, that of the beginnings of the Dakar in 1977 where the riders had no help to reach the finish line; without teams assistance. In this category the Romanian Emanuel Gyenes won and, in women, the Spanish Sara García (RAW Superdrink Team) became the first European woman to finish the Dakar without assistance. In 2019, Anastasia Nifontova, born in the USA, had achieved it.

Spaniards who finished the Dakar 2020 and its final classification:


1. Carlos Sainz/Lucas Cruz
5. Giniel de Villiers/Alex Haro
13. Fernando Alonso/Marc Coma
24. Oscar Fuertes/Diego Vallejo
27. Nani Roma/Dani Oliveras
30. Jesús Calleja/Jaume Aregall
42. Cristina Gutiérrez/Pablo Huete
51. Pablo Canto/Facundo Jatón
54. Joan Font/Borja Rodríguez
55. Manuel Plaza/Mónica Plaza

dakar winners


7. Joan Barreda
14. Jaume Betriu
16. Joan Pedrero
18. Laia Sanz
31. Fausto Mota
69. Josep María Mas
83. Ignacio Sanchís
85. Rachid Al-Lal Lahadil
86. Sara García
87. Javi Vega
94. Eduardo Iglesias
95. Javier Álvarez


5. José Antonio Hinojo/Diego Ortega
6. Chus Puras/Xavier Blanco
10. Santi Navarro/Marc Sola
11. Gerard Farrés/Armand Monleón
15. Juan Miguel Fidel Medero/Juan Silva
22. José Luis Peña/Rafa Tornabell
26. Antonio Marmolejo/Eduardo Blanco


15. Albert Llovera/Marc Torres/Ferrán Marco
19. Jordi Juvanteny/Xavier Domenech/José Luis Criado
29. Alberto Herrero/Julio RomeroMatthias Vetiska

dakar finalists

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