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Distributors of organic products in Spain

This last decade we have seen how organic products grow exponentially on the shelves of the points of sale. More and more, the public is tending to switch to a healthy diet. Therefore, we are going to talk to you in this article about the distributors of organic products in Spain.

Organic products are constantly increasing in Spain and the average family’s expenditure on these foods is growing every year. Fresh products, such as fruit and vegetables, are the most popular organic products, followed by animal and dairy products.

Conventional distribution of organic products

Nor does this increase in the sale of organic products mean that it exceeds that of conventional products; in other words, the rest. It is clear that more and more brands are selling organic products, but it is also clear that the rest of the products are still the kings of shopping. After all, the consumption of organic products is linked to a cultural process that is penetrating society, just as they are more expensive than conventional products.

Currently, large supermarkets such as Carrefour or El Corte Inglés already have exclusive spaces for eco products. In many cases, they also sell through their own brands. But it is also true that there are other types of shops where the presence of organic products is practically non-existent. As time goes by, we will see a greater penetration everywhere; because it is not a fashion, it is a trend that has come to stay. There are more and more organic products, some of them are even a great novelty expected by everyone: among sportsmen, RAW Superdrink is the first 100% organic isotonic drink in the world, moving away from isotonics full of sugars and artificial ingredients not at all beneficial for our health.

Specialized distribution

Specialist shops are in luck, they have more and more customers; although it is also true that the competition is fierce, with the arrival of organic products in large supermarkets. You will also find in the main cities of our country large format centers specialized in organic products, places where you will discover all about the eco world and even have a restaurant inside the supermarket.

Lemon & lima

Mandarine & mango

Strawberry & mint

Blueberry & Acai

Types of establishments with organic products

There are basically three types of establishments: large specialized ecological shops, medium and small or herbalist shops. There is an evolution in the number of large specialised supermarkets, while there is a downward trend in the number of medium and small shops in Spain. The largest offer in the specialized channel is found in Catalonia, Madrid and Valencia.

Among the well-known ones is Ecoplaza, with more than 30 years of experience and more than 5,000 references. Their catalogue includes organic food, organic cosmetics, household products, parapharmacy, etc. You can find their products in organic shops, herbalists, parapharmacies, beauty centres, hotels, restaurants…

This growth has also adapted to the habits of buying over the Internet, so we can make purchases in organic online stores.


Restaurants with ecological products

As for restaurants, in line with the growth of this global phenomenon, there are more and more spaces dedicated to organic food. Some examples can be seen in, for example, Biocenter since 1980, is a reference among vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Barcelona. Of family origin, they cook a variety of dishes with high quality products.

Growth and Expansion

Spain accounts for one of the largest areas of ecological productivity in all of Europe, due to its agricultural characteristics; and this represents an unquestionable situation of action. Nevertheless the expenditure of ecological products moves between somewhat narrow limits there is an existing request of this archetype of products, Intimately and outside Spain; and that request is in incessant development in the sum of the markets and for all the products. There is a propensity for consumers to consume organic products, as long as they know them properly, value them, find them and the gear of the amount they have to pay is not enormous. The cycles are opening up ever greater demands for organic products among consumers who are increasingly concerned about their health, food confidence and environmental consideration.

With freedom of any new example of look or sectorial scene, it is unquestionable the valuable benefit of the manufacture, commercialization and expense of ecological food and drinks in Spain. It is therefore advisable to be aware of all the aspects and factors connected with the production, marketing and use of organic food and drinks, with more and better data. And it is equivalently advisable to systematically and effectively popularize this situation and this significant strategic origin for Spain, in order to assert the maximum amplitude and persistence of the support of any example to this nascent agro-food section of unquestionable main gain in the future. The producers of this specimen of food obtained from the tenant and the herd mainly, which also includes the harvesting of fruit, spices; the processors who are all those companies dedicated to organic products.

ecological online stores

The marketing of organic products in Spain

The State and Autonomous Administrations are obliged to support this agricultural elaboration scheme and to undertake the progress of the use of organic products. The consumers must be aware and appreciate with naturalism the genuine radius and amount of the organic elaboration and the existing expression of what the organic food provides in many aspects (virtue, sustainability of the country environment, protection of the environment, etc.).

The marketing of organic products is however on the increase and remains an incomplete matter. The majority of the companies of ecological productivity are small companies of domestic character created with few economic means and with little relative discernment in the marketing of products. The channels of placement that even today have served to water these small productions guise cooperatives of consumers, direct trade to the consumer in markets and fairs, bio stores and herbalists.


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