Hydration in E-Sports

Respect, professionalism, effort, team spirit, mental strength, fair play, hydration and evolving to improve are some of the practices that lead young people to become professional video game players. And esports are sports, although are often not recognised as such. The brain of the gamers must be at the 100% and because of that hydration in video games is essential.

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How do E-Sports players train?

As with any professional sport, much more is needed than just training and education. Healthy food, good habits, and adequate hydration are part of the healthy life of a professional egamer. Nowadays, esports competition reaches both national and international levels.

Becoming a professional esports player is not an easy task and it is necessary to take care of nutrition, psychology and physical exercise. Many people know that a motorcycle3 rider can lose up to 1.5 litres of water after a race, but not so many people know that dehydration caused by playing video games directly affects reflexes. That’s why it is essential for esports players to stay properly hydrated when they are training or competing. 

Energy drinks have done significant damage in this world, providing an amount of sugar and stimulants that are clearly counterproductive to maintaining a good competitive level. RAW Superdrink is the first organic isotonic drink with no added sugars, making it suitable for young professional sports players.

How is the life of a professional esports player?

As with any professional sport, slowing down a bit can mean dropping from the first place to disappearing from the tournament in the next season.

If we count competitions, sponsorships, royalties and marketing, we conclude that sports players can earn up to 2 million euros annually. In order to accomplish the demand levels required, they are relocated in high performance centers with the rest of the team, where they carry out adequate training both in the physical and mental aspect.

Training takes up their whole day. They train physically for three or four hours to release stress and improve their performance. Due to the instability of the sector, psychological support is an essential part of the training and because of that they train an average of 7 hours in a row with a coach or professional trainer who guides the team to follow a common strategy, 

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Do you want to become a professional e-sport player? Take care of your brain

Taking care of the details when training is one of the things that really make the difference between professional e-sports players and those who are not professional yet. Paraphrasing Oscar Wilde, hell is in the details.

For this reason,  if you want to stand out in the world of sports, you must bear in mind that there is no point playing your favorite video game all day if you miss everything else. If you don’t control the details. Aspects such as maintaining a good diet or leading a healthy lifestyle are determining factors when comparing gamers who succeed and those who fall by the wayside. Avoiding the thrist sensation is a fundamental part of training. Those times when it was “just” enough to have a lot of talent and spend hours playing video games are history, so if you want to have a real chance of becoming a sports professional you need to understand how playing video games affect your brain and how you can take care of it to improve your performance. Most of the key factors that have to do with the “accelerated” world of e-sports are controlled by the brain (such as reaction time, which is the time it takes to respond to a given stimulus, the ability to concentrate or the management of stress and other emotions).

That’s right, the brain is the one that handles all those things and many more. It is useful for thinking and it is also the organ that helps you find creative solutions to complex problems and to do it quickly, without losing concentration! (and e-sports are also about that). The brain needs to stay hydrated to interpret what you see and what you hear and what you feel, and it’s the brain that decides how and when to react. As you can see, it is important to have your brain working at full capacity, isn’t it?

This is our star flavor to hydrate you in a healthy way while you are playing.

All the vitamins and antioxidants of the acai and blueberries come together to help you stay focused and active in a healthy way.

Keep your mind well hydrated: no sugar and made with 100% organic ingredients (that’s why we have the European Union’s Organic label!).

E-sport Lover? This is your pack.

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mejorar velocidad reaccion

All of us who regularly play video games dream of improving our reaction speed or getting our attention focused on the game for long periods of time… but this kind of performance is not achieved spontaneously. Just as the muscular capacity of a cyclist’s lower body or the balanced pulse of an arch shooter are achieved after many training sessions and following the right habits, professional video game players need to perform training routines and habits that are favor this type of brain capacity. In very few sports the brain is as important as it is in e-sports. Therefore, probably, the best advice that can be given to a gamer who wants to take it seriously is: take care of your brain. Only if you train this muscle and maintain an adequate neurological activity, you will be able to reach the optimal level of concentration while you are playing, offer a good, fast and maintained response over time and manage anxiety and stress situations that always end up appearing in competition. Therefore, for professional e-gamers (or simply for those e-sports players who want to make the leap to professionalism or win over that rival who eroded their morale), it is very important to understand how they can naturally strengthen their brain so they can make the difference.

How to achieve this? No doubt, that’s the million-dollar question. You see, although the brain is the organ that controls our whole organism, in reality, we know very little about it. If we were a computer, the brain would be our processor. But we know much more about processors than brains, that’s the truth. In spite of its tremendous importance, we could say that it is a great unknown, especially if we compare it to other muscles such as the heart or lungs. In fact, scientists expect to be able to create all kinds of synthetic organs in the next few years, with the exception of the pancreas and the brain.

Although we know little about our brain (or at least not as much as we would like), we do have some key data: we know, for example, that a high percentage of our brain – specifically 70% – is made up of water, and that keeping it well hydrated is essential for its optimal functioning. The importance of water to the brain is obvious. In fact, some of the first symptoms that appear in cases of dehydration have to do with the poor performance of our neural functions, from the common headache to the loss of ability to concentrate or dizziness.

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Obviously, the higher the level of demand, the more you need to take your hydration to the next level. It is important that you understand that electrolytes (which are fundamentally minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium, chloride, magnesium, phosphate and bicarbonate, and which are key to the proper functioning of the nervous system), as well as the rest of the mineral salts that you lose when you practice e-sports, are not recovered with water alone. Raw Super Drink is a drink specially created to recharge electrolytes that are lost with physical and mental activity, and offers a healthy solution so you can rehydrate in a healthy way when the level of demand is higher. By taking small sips during your training, you can keep yourself in an optimal state of hydration.

bebida thegrefg

If you want to stand out in the world of sports, you’ll have to be aware that it’s no use playing your favorite video game all day if you fail in everything else. Aspects such as maintaining a good diet or leading a healthy lifestyle mark clear competitive advantages between the gamers who get to the top and those who stay in the way. Avoiding the feeling of thirst is a fundamental part of training. The times when it was “just” enough to have a lot of talent and put hours into video games are definitely history, so if you want to have a real chance of becoming a sports professional you would need to understand very well how video games affect your brain and how you can take care of it to improve. Most of the key factors that have to do with the “accelerated” world of e-sports are controlled from the brain (such as reaction time, which is the time it takes to respond to a given stimulus, the ability to concentrate or the management of stress and other emotions).

hidratacion en los videojuegos

Of course, you should eat a balanced diet and avoid sugar.

This last point is extremely important because there’s too much disinformation out there. Sugary energy drinks cause dehydration. That’s it. Apart from the fact that consuming too much sugar is directly related to a lot of cardiovascular diseases, obesity or diabetes, let us be clear: consuming sugar causes dehydration. For this reason, if you drink beverages high in sugar (or artificial sweeteners, in either case) while you are playing with the intention of improving your performance, we have to tell you that it is not a good idea for two reasons: the first reason is that you’re damaging your own health and the other reason is that you are not helping your brain to function properly (instead, you’re pushing it to the limit because you’re “drying it out”).

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Raw Super Drink is a 100% organic drink, made only with carefully selected organic super fruits due to the large amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that they contain and also natural ingredients (such as coconut water or baobab). We do not add sugar or any other kind of sweetener and that’s why we got four seals of quality: the EU Organic Agriculture, 100% Vegan, Gluten Free and 100% Eco Friendly.

Becoming a professional egamer is not an easy task, it requires talent, training and a good physical preparation. The difference between success and failure lies in the small details, in the knowledge that drives you to make the best decisions. Therefore, it is so important that you understand the difference between Raw Super Drink and the other mainstream isotonic drinks (not to mention the energy drinks!!!), because Raw Super Drink helps you take care of your health but also helps you improve your physical performance as an athlete.

Training and hydration in the E-sports

Until now, E-Sports have been an unknown sector. However, due to the explosion of awareness in recent years and the millionaire prizes – for example the remarkable case of the video game Dota 2 which has excedeed 25 million dollars in prizes – E-Sports have become global competitions with huge impact in media. In the case of the World Cup of Fornite, this figure rises to 30 million dollars. With the entry of these multimillion-dollar prizes, a fundamental change took place and big companies began to look at video games through different eyes. 

E-sports became really popular in Asia several years ago. To give you a better idea: in their video game competitions, they bring together thousands of spectators and sell out all entry tickets. 

esports teams spain

E-sports teams in Spain

In countries such as South Korea – with a long tradition in gaming – they have one of the longest-lasting E-Sports teams: Team Liquid. Founded at the beginning of the century, this is one of the teams that makes more money.

Spain is a country where great teams have arisen due in part to generous financial assistance that have enabled them to compete against the best ones. There are some examples such as Movistar Riders, consisting of seven professional E-Sports clubs that compete in the leagues of League of Legends, FIFA, Counter Strike, Call of Duty, Rainbow Siege and Fortnite. The team was founded by Fernando Piquer, one of the founders of Zinkia (for the curious, this is the company where Pocoyó was born). Afterwards, Fernando speciacialized in video games within the company. 

Here’s another example of media coverage: Team Heretics, founded by Goorgo and David Cánovas Martínez, also known as TheGrefg. If you visit their Youtube channel, you will see that they share a house where all the players live together and mantain a strict routine of physical and mental training, in order to be able to compete for hours. They also take a special care of the activity in front of the computer and because of that in all these videos you can see them drinking isotonic drinks to keep their brain hydrated and not spoil their reflexes.

This is not the only case in which youtubers are integrated in a E-Sports team. It is also the case of MAD Lions, in which Willyrex and Vegetta777 are majority owners. Willyrex had already been part of the Pain Gaming team, competing in the national E-Sports playing «Call of Duty».

How to join a E-Sports team

You may be wondering how to join a E-Sport team. The first thing you need is to become part of a team that encourage you to compete. The best way to optimize imput lag is using a good keyboard and mouse.

Ideally, start creating your own team with your friends and practice as much as you can. Then, choose a game of a type (FPS, strategy, MOBA, etc.) and evaluate yourself so you know if you are good enought to become a competitive player. 

Sign up for the LVP Open (Professional Video Game League) and analyse the big ones so you can learn the techniques they use. If you say to yourself “I want to become a professional“, you must understand that each video game uses an internal mechanics that must be understood. The observation of others will help you reach your goal!

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Stay active in social media. Professionals are VERY active on social media because it’s the best way to share information nowadays. The most used channels are Twitch and Youtube Gaming so you can share your training with everyone.

Streaming your games with an audience will help you to better analyze your mistakes and areas for improvement. E-Sports are a form of social sport. You must be the spotlight, that will help you improve and to be seen by the community, opening up all kind of doors.

Remember how professionals train: they combine the game in front of the computer with an adequate hydration and a physical and mental training to improve their capabilities. Remember that everything is part of the training and if anything should go wrong, you may lose reflexes and may not reach the records.

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