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Benefits of acai

The berries and red fruits have a lot of properties that are well known all over the world but there is one fruit of this family that is the real jewel in the crown when it comes to antioxidants and that, little by little, is also starting to get the recognition it deserves worldwide. This fruit is a small berry called açai (or simply acai).

If you already know it, don’t be fooled by its size, it’s one of the most powerful antioxidant foods around! (and that’s why it’s part of the Antiox RAW Superdrink Pack). In addition to the benefits of coconut water, it is a fundamental part of our drink to ensure maximum hydration in a natural way.

Acai is a true superfruit that takes vitamins, minerals and especially antioxidants to another level. The origin of this small purple berry is to be found in the forests of northern Brazil, which are part of the largest green lung on the planet: the Amazon. The anitoxidant effect of Acai is evident but, as an anecdote to illustrate it, we will refer to the Indians of the northern Brazilian rainforests, who consume açai in their diet almost daily and who are known worldwide for their longevity. Can you imagine what such a food can mean in your diet?

The north of Brazil is an extremely wild place that, like the whole Amazon River basin, stands out for its lush vegetation and receives huge amounts of water from tropical rains. The plant from which the acai comes is a characteristic palm tree that grows only in this unique part of the world. It’s important to note that consuming Acai, besides being a tip for your health, offers a key ecological advantage to help preserve the diversity of Brazil’s rainforest: other local products, even some that also come from this same palm tree, force you to destroy the plant for harvesting. Fortunately, this is not the case with Açai.

Buying a superfood like acai

Buying acai is relatively easy since its image as a superfood became popular among elite sportsmen (especially Brazilians, from Gabriel Medina to Neymar) and personal trainers with millions of followers on the net. You’ve probably seen one of those Instagram posts with a giant bowl of acai mixed with other nutritionally functional foods. RAW Superdrink offers you a new way to include it in your daily life and take advantage of its many qualities and benefits. The electrolyte recharge you need after exercise with extra antioxidants.

Lemon & lima

Mandarine & mango

Strawberry & mint

Blueberry & Acai

Acai properties and contraindications

Let’s start at the end… contraindications? We’ve found a bunch of hoaxes that question the qualities of the Acai and even talk about certain “acai contraindications“. We want to stop for a minute and explain it to you very well. You see, actually acai is a completely natural fruit and of course totally safe (exactly like a peach, pear or orange, so we understand each other). Obviously, like all other fruits, it has no “contraindications”, a term reserved more for pharmacology. Surely, nobody would have thought of talking about the contraindications of a pear or a mandarin and, therefore, it must be clarified that it makes no sense to talk in these terms about a particularly healthy fruit such as Açai.

benefits of acai

The origin of this hoax is in the misuse of Acai by the mainstream industry. The reality is that there are a lot of preparations and supplements on the market that include other artificial and harmful substances for the body and that also use acai. But this should not confuse us, nor should it make us think that acai has something that we might consider harmful to our body. On the contrary, Acai is a superfood full of vitamins and antioxidants that helps us to feel better in our daily life and these mainstrem brands add it especially for advertising purposes. Obviously, this is not our case. Our product is 100% organic and natural, that’s why we can speak so clearly… think about it, what other brand would have told you something like that? RAW Superdrink’s nutritional information is available to everyone and our EU-certified BIO seal, too. For example, other manufacturers use curcumin (a powerful dye) to give the product a color similar to açai. RAW Superdrink does not use any dyes, preservatives or added sugars: our products are completely organic and totally natural: that’s why we are the world’s first organic isotonic.

Contraindications of acai

With the alleged contraindications of acai it is similar to what has happened with acai, which also has its origin in the Amazon and does not have all the good reputation it deserves because of the drinks and mainstream preparations that have included it in artificial formulas, full of sugars, syrups and all kinds of chemicals that are harmful to our body.

The consensus on the benefits and properties of Açai is total among nutritionists and scientific communities around the world. The benefits of Açai can be compared in capabilities to the benefits of ginger, another total superfood. Although the two foods have different properties (in many cases they coincide), both are extremely good for the body, with high nutritional value. In the case of Acai, the antioxidant contribution of this fruit is so great that we can safely say that its benefits extend to almost everything that has to do with our body, especially at the level of cellular aging, but also in other broader aspects ranging from the immune system to intestinal transit. The satiating and purifying properties of acai help to regulate body mass indexes, improve digestion and kidney function.

Now that you know a little more about what Açai can do for you, you should not stop trying it. We can’t stop time but we can do it a little better 🙂

satiating and purifying properties of acai

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