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Healthy Drinks, Myths and Truths

Healthy drinks have experienced a very strong boom in the last three decades worldwide, and especially in the last few years. Do you want to know why? Consumer concern about adapting to the calories recommended by the WHO, and the incorporation of sport into the daily routine of many people, has led many brands to see a commercial breakthrough in this niche market.

In other words, reality is more a question of marketing than of authenticity. What we mean is that the reality of the sector is that the vast majority of these supposedly natural drinks are nothing more than advertising and commercial successes, which are completely out of step with the World Health Organisation’s criteria for health and nutrition.

Sugar-free soft drinks

Okay, most soft drinks and sugar-free drinks have stopped using sugar in their products, good news? Not at all, because they have replaced it with another type of artificial sweetener in order to sell a concept, the light one. In reality, this change does not meet the dietary and nutritional needs of the consumer and you may wonder why they do it. Because it is purely a question of advertising: an image wash that focuses only on form and not on substance. This fact, along with many others that are in the same line, has led to the paradox that overweight and obesity have not stopped increasing, mainly in Western countries. The lighter the label the more obesity in society. It’s crazy, right?

When we talk about sugar-free soft drinks we have to understand that this does not mean that they are a healthy drink, not by a long shot. The amount of sugar in drinks can also be low without necessarily meaning that you are looking at a really healthy drink.

Sports drinks with too much sugar

Even when we talk about certain sports drinks whose labels far exceed the recommended daily sugar levels, we are not talking about real sports drinks. Brands can lie almost all they want, but there is one place where they are obliged to tell the truth: on their labels. We can see which ingredients they use, how many “Is” appear (in our case, of course, none) and whether they use sugar or other artificial sweeteners, fruits with more sugar or less, etc..

Lemon & lima

Mandarine & mango

Strawberry & mint

Blueberry & Acai

RAW es una bebida ecológica y natural

RAW Superdrink is the first organic and isotonic drink on the market and since our inception we take all WHO and leading functional nutrition experts’ indications very seriously. It’s in our DNA. We were born precisely to give an answer to all those lies and half-truths surrounding sports hydration; that’s why all our ingredients are 100% organic and of vegetable origin, why we use the healthiest super fruits in the world (from baobab to acai to mango) and why you’ll find the European Union’s BIO seal on our label. If you take a look at our label in time, you know, that place where nobody can lie, you won’t find any artificial producers: none. How many of those sports or healthy drinks advertised on TV can say something like that? 

healthy drinks

Which soda has less sugar?

These types of brands always lead the conversation to questions such as which soft drink has less sugar and things like that, the reality is that a drink should not contain added sugar under any circumstances, we have to reset our relationship with food and what we consume, at what point have we allowed ourselves to be convinced that it is normal to add sugar or artificial sweeteners to our drinks and food? This is crazy.

Fake healthy drinks and sugar

The truth about mainstream isotonic drinks is closer to a combination of water with many added products linked to sugar than to functional and sports nutrition. Obviously, we are not going to make explicit mention of other types of energy drinks because that section would deserve a separate chapter. Dentists, nutritionists, doctors from all over the world and very especially, the World Health Organization have been crying out for years against the havoc that sugar is wreaking on world public health, even calling it public enemy number one: diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease: the lifestyle habits of Western society are negatively affecting our health and by extension, our quality of life (actually, they are two sides of the same coin). Against the disinformation promoted by exclusively economic interests, a new consciousness is born that is capable of explaining how things really are. Able to tell you: look at the label, don’t let them tell you what is healthy, investigate, find out and if you see any artificial product ask yourself what you are drinking.

Raw is the first organic drink that recharges your electrolytes in an organic way and is suitable for vegans, coeliacs or diabetics. The healthiest isotonic on the market is waiting for you, once you try them you won’t want to drink anything else, and the best thing of all is that you will be taking care of yourself.

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