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Properties of coconut water

Using natural coconut water in all our products is one of the big secrets to making RAW Superdrink the first organic sugar free isotonic drink on the market. If you’ve ever wondered what coconut water is for, this little article will interest you. If you want to know more about healthy foods, like açai, subscribe to our blog and receive interesting news about nutrition.

Coconut water, what are the benefits?

Natural coconut water is, in many ways, a superfood. Although it is not widely available in Europe and the Anglo-Saxon world, the recommendation to drink coconut water is a real must among nutritionists and personal trainers around the world and also a classic among elite athletes in any discipline. If you have started practising crossfit at an age, it is a source of hydration.

Sports drinks are present everywhere in the world of fitness, recreational and competitive sports. Most are manufactured and artificially flavored drinks based on carbohydrates and electrolytes. Recently, attention has been given to coconut water, a natural alternative to manufactured sports drinks, with evidence indicating effectiveness with respect to maintaining hydration. We compared coconut water and a sports drink with carbohydrate electrolytes to measure hydration and physical performance in athletes.

The enormous advantages and benefits of coconut water in the diet of athletes are undeniable (and also well known among the ever-powerful inhabitants of the tropics, who have been taking advantage of the nutritional properties of this extremely functional drink for centuries).

Coconut water and its properties

The truth is that coconut water rehydrates your body organically and naturally because it contains a large amount of electrolytes (some very important minerals for health, and especially for athletes, because, among many other things, they help control the muscle system). The electrolytes are our “electric recharge”, to say it in an easily understandable way, and logically, while we exercise we are discharging ourselves. When we recover those electrolytes that we lose through sweat, we also recover, in a completely natural and healthy way, a large part of our energy.

That’s why coconut water and its properties are so good and recommended to accompany us before, during and after physical activity because, when we sweat, we lose a large amount of mineral salts (especially those electrolytes that we have already talked about) that we need to recover. Have you ever wondered why sweat has that slightly salty taste? Well, in that electrolyte loss in the form of mineral salts you have the answer.

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Is coconut water good for weight loss?

If you Google “coconut water calories” you will see that this drink has a very low proportion of calories, namely about 50 per 250 ml. Achieving such high electrolyte levels while being low in calories is part of the secret that makes drinks with coconut water such as RAW Superdrink obtain the category of superdrinks.

Its high content of potassium, sodium and magnesium makes coconut water a natural isotonic drink and even more hydrating than water. Thanks to the use of our coconut water base and other superfruits like açai, mango or red fruits, RAW Superdrink helps you recharge your electrolytes to recover from your physical activity in a healthy way. With only 14 Kcal. in our 500 ml. bottles, we can help you lose weight, always in combination with a balanced diet and adequate physical activity. That is why coconut water is a good ally to include in the TOP food list for those people who want to improve their body mass indexes. However, if what you need is to lose weight, our advice is to put yourself in the hands of specialists.

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6 other key benefits of coconut water

Rehydration, electrolyte recharge, improved body mass indexes… anyone else? Yes. Coconut water itself has a lot more to offer. We leave you six more properties of coconut water and invite you to buy Raw Superdrink to start benefiting from all that this superdrink can do for you.

1. Strengthen your muscles… and your brain!

We’ve already talked about the high electrolyte content of coconut water and, going into more detail, we find up to five very important mineral salts for the body that predominate in coconut water: potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium and phosphorus. Potassium, which is difficult to find in other foods, is very present in our nervous and muscular systems and that’s why including coconut water in your diet will help you keep your muscles strong, but also your brain.

2. Age is just a number

Coconut water is great for anti-aging because of the large amount of vitamins and antioxidants it has. In Hollywood, it is very common to see celebrities waiting on location under the sun and drinking directly from their natural coconut to rehydrate themselves while giving a boost of antioxidants to the hormones that regulate aging.

3. When you are well regulated, you can see

Perhaps only those who have problems with their intestinal transit give digestion the importance it deserves. Digestion is one of those things you only remember when something is wrong. Coconut water contains a lot of enzymes that help to balance and regulate that transit, and in the end that’s something you notice.

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4. Naturally improves your immune system

If you have come this far, you will have understood by now that coconut water is good for everything. If we were to summarize, we would say that it helps to promote the good general functioning of the organism. And it also serves to strengthen our immune system. Thanks to its large amount of vitamins it is a magnificent anti-viral and a natural anti-bacterial, very appreciated for centuries in tropical areas.

5. The importance of the letter B

Coconut water has a very high content of B vitamins, but also of enzymes and other nutrients that are very important in the homeostasis of our body. Homeostasis is a bit of an odd word so, to avoid making you go to Wikipedia, we’d better summarize it for you. Homeostasis is a medical term that refers to everything that has to do with the internal regulation of the body. Come on, what is it that makes you feel good and feel even better?

6. Move along, move along…

Coconut water has chemical components that are really similar to those in blood. On occasions of force majeure it has even been used as a natural serum (with WHO and UN approval) for patients without access to hospital serums. Without a doubt, this super drink naturally improves everything to do with the circulatory system, the heart and the blood, and it is also an optimal natural diuretic, which helps the kidneys in filtering the bloodstream. Furthermore, coconut water improves the PH balance of the blood and, as you surely know, an acidic PH is extremely harmful to health (this is another great danger of energy drinks).

All the drinks tested are able to promote rehydration and improve further training. The studies that have been carried out with coconut water with professional athletes in a time trial, have concluded that the effectiveness of this drink improves hydration and performance after dehydration caused by exercise.

As you can see, including coconut water in your daily life is a great idea. You are what you eat and also what you drink, and starting to hydrate with RAW Superdrink will make you much better.

RAW Superdrink is the best isotonic drink thanks to the coconut water

There are dozens of isotonic drinks on the market but none of them look like RAW Superdrink. The vast majority of isotonic drinks you find on supermarket shelves are nothing more than simple sugar-laden soft drinks or artificial sweeteners. You only have to look at the ingredients to see for yourself. Th-this, th-this. Preservatives. Stabilizers. Colorants. Sugar. Sweeteners… A lot of ingredients that are harmful to our health and completely far from the healthy philosophy of a real sportsman.

But what makes RAW Superdrink so different from the rest of the sports drinks we find on the market? The truth is that our secret is to have no secrets: what makes us different is to use only organic ingredients of vegetable origin, loaded with vitamins, minerals (especially electrolytes) and antioxidants. And what is our star ingredient? Without a doubt, coconut water is one of our most important ingredients, but this is an extremely difficult question to answer with a single name because we work with superfruits like açai and mango, with superfoods like baobab fruit pulp and with ingredients as healthy as mineral water from the Alps or organic sea salt. Without a doubt, the mix of all these ingredients is what truly makes the difference and what makes us unique and top selling worldwide in our category.

how many calories the water has
The benefits of RAW Superdrink are very much in line with the benefits of coconut water. Coconut water is a true natural isotonic loaded with vitamins and minerals, extremely valued in the tropics, where it originates, and used for decades by top trainers around the world. Without a doubt, the democratization of a drink reserved until now for elite athletes is good news for all of us who want to take care of ourselves and maintain healthy living habits.

If you want, you can go deeper into the benefits of coconut water by visiting the article in our blog where we refer to them, but let’s do a little review here. Coconut water is one of the most nutritious drinks in the world, it is low in calories (that is, it has very few calories and, as a consequence, it is not fattening) and it also has a very high amount of vitamins and minerals, especially electrolytes. To achieve this, young coconuts of tropical origin are used (not to be confused with the coconuts that we are used to seeing on the shelves of the supermarket, with their characteristic brown colour and inferior nutritional qualities).

Is Raw Superdrink a coconut drink?

RAW Superdrink takes advantage of all these nutritional qualities to achieve an extremely functional product and enhances them by combining coconut water with other super-ingredients also loaded with vitamins and minerals. What does all this information translate into? It is very simple, the result is a perfect drink for cellular rehydration in any circumstance and for anyone. RAW Superdrink is a super drink because it will help you stay healthier, improving your immune and digestive systems, slowing down cellular aging and recharging the electrolytes you lose through sweating. On the other side of the scale, that is, against it, you won’t find anything. Just like coconut water, RAW Superdrink is a low-calorie drink (only 14 Kcal!) and uses no added sugars in its production.

RAW Superdrink is the first completely organic coconut isotonic drink on the market, and our European Union BIO seal certifies it. Coconut water plays a key role in our benefits, although all our ingredients are equally important and therefore, obviously, among our ingredients you will not find any artificial or processed ones, nor added sugars, artificial sweeteners or colourings. The result of doing things with so much knowledge and care is that we can say, with the relevant official accreditations, that we are truly healthy and organic, and that our drink is completely suitable for everyone, including children, diabetics, vegans and coeliacs.

raw superdrink is not fattening
it's good to drink mineral water

In short, RAW Superdrink is a drink with electrolytes that will help us recover these important minerals (potassium, calcium or sodium, among them) that we lose through sweating, especially when we do demanding physical activity or in high temperature situations. Coconut water is one of its fundamental ingredients, although it has many more and all are 100% healthy, loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Although it may seem that it is an exclusive drink for sportspeople, RAW Superdrink is designed for everyone because dehydration also clearly affects us in other types of situations, unrelated to sport, and because its properties help us to stay healthy, let’s not do sport. For example, a bottle of RAW has six times more vitamin C than an orange, helping us to keep our immune system in perfect condition.

In addition, dehydration affects all kinds of disciplines that go beyond “traditional” sport. For example, did you know that computer and mobile phone screens encourage a lot of dehydration? If you have noticed that you have a headache after spending a few hours in front of the computer, dehydration is one of the main reasons. This doesn’t mean that it’s enough just to hydrate ourselves properly. There are a number of important recommendations for people who spend many hours in front of a computer (from taking adequate breaks to maintaining an ergonomic posture), what we mean is that hydration also falls within those behavioural guidelines that will help us stay healthy. When we play videogames or work in front of a computer we also get acutely dehydrated and that’s why RAW Superdrink is recommended not only for sportsmen but also for gamers and, in general, for all kinds of people. Coconut water is one of our “secrets” and we want you to know it so you can understand all that RAW Superdrink can do for you.

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