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HIIT Training

The acronym HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training in English, in this article we will deepen this anaerobic and cardiovascular training mode. Being an exercise that mixes strength with resistance.

One of the greatest virtues of hiit training is the outstanding results you get in a short time. HIIT is born as a reply to the most known problems when we play sports: find the time to exercise and, consequently, the poor results we get. High intensity training has a differentiated working method, where quality prevails and results are sought in a very short time. Always keeping in mind that doing these types of exercises requires them to be executed correctly so as not to injure you; So, we are also going to take the steps to do a hiit workout at home.

The HIIT preparation is based on short exercises of between 5 and 20 minutes, with series of 30 seconds and up to 4 minutes of high intensity, as well as taking breaks to recover between series and series. This training requires short intervals of intensity since the requirement is high and we cannot execute them in long duration. Being interval exercises that allow you to burn calories and increase our performance. Although we should not confuse a HIIT with any brief training, there are short exercise routines that do not have the intensity to be defined as HIIT and to perform a good exercise we must also have the mind prepared to face this level of wear; the first time you enter HIIT training do not be discouraged, stay persevering and you will see that the results will appear immediately in your body.

Benefits of HIIT training

The advantages of HIIT training are many. By fueling your metabolism and, if accompanied by good nutrition and hydration, you will also be able to burn calories more efficiently. Hydrate with a 100% organic and sugar-free isotonic drink such as RAW Superdrink is a great option to recover our electrolyte levels without harming our health. The acceleration of our metabolism and calorie burning are great news for our cardiovascular system. HIIT training is a good ally to reduce blood pressure.

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HIIT training routines

From some training routines, we will be able to optimize our performance quickly. Starting with a HIIT training for beginners, in which we recommend you to make strides with jump, squat with jump, jump box, push-ups and abs. All this accompanied by global HIIT in climbing, burpee and burrol: activating all your muscles to reach the maximum demand level quickly.

Always keep in mind that any high intensity exercise can lead to injuries since you are going to take your body to the limit and it is never easy to achieve this task; In need of daily training, that your body and mind are prepared to overcome extreme fatigue. All this implies a high impact on our body and, if you are not prepared, you will have more chances of injuring yourself. We recommend that you perform 3 HIIT routines a week, since overtraining can lead to tendon, ligament and muscle injuries.

HIIT training

HIIT training running

HIIT running training is based on short sprints, running at the maximum possible speed, with short series and long breaks so that our body recovers efficiently and repeats the sprint again. The rest times will be aligned with our pulsations, when they return to a stable state we can press again in the race. Another type of sprints can be done on the rise, it is a quick way to raise pulsations when running on a slope and activate our muscular power. If you are one of those who do not leave the gym, you can sprint on the tape.

HIIT Weight Training and Static Bike

HIIT weight training is recommended to put it into practice when we have an optimal physical level since the intensity is very high: many repetitions at high speed. Being an exercise that we should not abuse because it can lead to injuries.

HIIT training on an exercise bike is one of the most popular in gyms, being an alternative to spinning classes and getting calories burned quickly. When you have a better and better physical form, you will have fun on the bike with high rhythms and revolutionize your pulsations. First it is important to heat between 5 or 10 minutes, pedaling smoothly; then, start HIIT! How? Do a sprint of 20 seconds butt as if you were fighting for the victory in the Tour de France, then lower the intensity for 10 seconds and accelerate again 20 seconds more. Repeat this exercise 8 to 10 times. Finally, enter the recovery phase for 5 minutes of relaxed pedaling and until our pulsations stabilize again. If you are one of those who like to practice outdoor cycling, you can also do sprints on both mountain and road bikes; as well as activating your muscles if you do it on a slope.

HIIT training on an exercise bike

Is HIIT training healthy?

In summary, HIIT training is a great ally to achieve short-term results in both performance and calorie burning, a great solution for all those who do not have much time to devote to physical activity throughout the week. If we maintain the weekly routine, after a few months we will see promising results and it will also help us to face our day to day work, having a clearer mind. All this, together with performing healthy eating practices and sleeping a minimum of 8 hours a day.

HIIT weight training

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