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Hydration in the crossfit

Crossfit has become popular in training rooms since it became fashionable two decades ago in the United States. It is a series of workout routines with a good balance between aerobic and anaerobic exercise. The man responsible for this type of training was Greg Glassman, who created a form of training based on varied sports activities, avoiding monotony. This way you can improve your agility, coordination, flexibility, precision, balance, speed and your muscular and cardiorespiratory endurance. In RAW Superdrink, we have Rita García and Daniel Camacho; two of the best crossfit athletes in the world.

As in any sport that requires great effort, such as fitness exercises, dehydration occurs. Even if you do crossfit at home, you should be aware that your body will be subject to fluid loss depending on the duration. If you are going to do a long routine or are starting to do crossfit exercises it is advisable to have an isotonic drink on hand to recharge your electrolytes and mineral salts. Drinking superfruits can also help you recover faster.

training routines

You don’t believe us? Well, let’s try it out with 7 minutes of exercise, a functional gymnastics for which you will only need a small space and your body. After this round of calisthenics training, keep reading our article.

7 minute calisthenics workout

  1. Jumping up and down.
  2. Squats leaning against the wall.
  3. Push-ups on the floor.
  4. Crunch type abdominals
  5. Up and down a chair in two stages.
  6. Squats
  7. Triceps resting their arms on the seat of a chair.
  8. Front plate.
  9. Skipping (alternating elevation of knees without displacement).
  10. Lunges (strides, without displacement).
  11. Push ups with rotation of torso and arm in high.
  12. Lateral plate.

training 7 minutes

Have you finished it? Do you notice any changes in your body. Keep reading.

Lemon & lima

Mandarine & mango

Strawberry & mint

Blueberry & Acai

Dehydration Fatigue

Crossfit is strength training based on functional exercises at a high intensity that vary constantly. Depending on where you do it and if you don’t have a crossfit drink, you may suffer from some of these symptoms of dehydration. You’ve probably heard many people advocate this training because by working on the ten major physical areas, it helps you get fit both physically and mentally. But you’ve also heard others say they can’t handle this full training. This is because of the symptoms caused by dehydration. By looking at your body weight loss before and after training, we can see what the effects are on your body.

fast training

Symptoms of dehydration at crossfit

It is important that you remember to drink water while you practice. If you are not used to training, our advice is to recover this loss with isotonic drinks. RAW Superdrink is the first organic isotonic drink that will help you recover your electrolytes. And its combination of superfruits like acai, coconut water or baobab is complemented by the crossfit diet, and you can have it at home in less than 48 hours! Complete crossfit hydration based on your needs. The half-litre bottles are ideal for taking with you to your workout.

Loss of body weight (%) Symptoms
1-2% The yield goes down by 20%. Beginning of the sensation of fatigue and the heat is not dissipated correctly.
2-5% Fatigue, dizziness, cramps and tiredness. Heart rate rises, as does body temperature.
6-10% Shortness of breath, tingling, and headache. First symptoms of dehydration in the brain, liver and kidneys.
11-20% Severe contractures, paresthesias, possible organ failure. Heat stroke
Más del 15% The body can’t take it.
crossfit Dehydration

What to eat after crossfit

We talked about the feeding. A crossfit nutritionist will recommend that you pay special attention to those you eat. This is a high-intensity training (HIT), so it mixes in a series of aerobic exercises, power, strength and agility. So it’s a must:

  • A correct hydration.
  • Eating food to compensate for caloric loss. A diet rich in quality carbohydrates is recommended: tubers, cereals, legumes and wholemeal derivatives, in addition to fruits, starchy vegetables such as carrots, beetroot, turnip, pumpkin or parsnip.
  • You should also make sure you take protein in the after-meal. The recommended amount is 0.3 g per kilogram of body weight. These proteins can be eaten with dairy products such as fresh cheese, yoghurt or cottage cheese.
  • Your diet should also include anti-inflammatory foods: those containing Omega 3 fats, such as nuts or oily fish. Those rich in Beta-Carotenes, such as apricots, chards or spinach and those rich in vitamin E, such as almonds, hazelnuts or sunflower seeds.

high-intensity training

Fasting training

Because of the demands of training, many people choose to train on an empty stomach to avoid stomach pain or discomfort. If you have reached this part of the article, you will have understood that this is a totally inadvisable practice.

Due to the loss of carbohydrates and dehydration that you will suffer during training, fasting will only intensify the negative symptoms of lack of hydration and energy in your body.

It is advisable to eat between one and three hours before training and to avoid legumes, nuts, wholemeal and vegetables. What you want to achieve is a quick digestion that will allow you to avoid gas and burning after submitting your body to the exercise.

fast training

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