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Homemade Isotonic Drink

Isotonic drinks have multiple benefits for our health; not only in sports, but also to improve our digestive system and maintain the levels of minerals necessary for the proper functioning of our body. In this article we will talk about homemade isotonic drink, being much more natural than those we can find in stores.

The best isotonic drink on the market is one that incorporates 100% natural ingredients and has no sugar. In this case, the solution is to make a homemade isotonic drink or drink RAW Superdrink, the first 100% organic isotonic drink, suitable for vegans and coeliacs. RAW Superdrink does not contain sugar, beyond that which incorporates the fruit and is composed of super fruits such as baobab that has 6 times more vitamin C than an orange, or blueberries with a very high antioxidant power.

The best-known isotonic drinks on the market and that are also available in the world of catering have a very high level of sugar harmful to our health. So we should distrust the most established sports drinks for being unhealthy. The new isotonic brands are aligned with the demand of current consumers who increasingly care about what they eat and drink.

What is the best isotonic drink?

So what is the best isotonic drink? Or is that homemade that we make at home and control the ingredients it incorporates or, according to experts in elite sports nutritionists and doctors, RAW Superdrink is currently the best isotonic drink in the world.

Lemon & lima

Mandarine & mango

Strawberry & mint

Blueberry & Acai

Home made isotonic drink for diarrhea

Isotonic drinks exist to reinforce people who make significant physical efforts, in sports to rehydrate the body and restore the right PH to the blood. They are also optimal for all those who suffer from diarrhea due to some disease or illness, dehydration or gastroenteritis. Most isotonic drinks marketed industrially have large amounts of chemicals and high concentrations of sugar, so they are not recommended for daily consumption. Therefore, we want to give you a guideline on how to create sugar-free isotonic drinks, preparing it naturally.

An accessible, quick-to-make and healthy isotonic soda can be based on a spin on the well-known lemonade, adding ingredients that provide the recovery of mineral salts lost after sports or after illness. We will take a liter of water, lemon juice, spoonful of bicarbonate, spoonful of honey and sea salt; Then, we will stir well until it is completely dissolved. If you drink it 24 hours after doing it, it will be much better; since, you will make sure that all the elements have dissolved properly next to the water. And finally keep in the fridge. This could be a good homemade isotonic drink for diarrhea, without sugars that will irritate your digestive system.

Home made isotonic drink

Properties of the homemade sugar-free isotonic drink

The sugar-free homemade isotonic drink maintains all its properties, providing you with just what you need and not adding harmful sugar to your body. Much better to use honey than sugar.

Homemade isotonic drink for cyclists

If you are a cycling lover, you can also make a homemade isotonic drink for cyclists. Being a sport of high intensity, where we sweat a lot and wear will be important with the passage of kilometers. Therefore, we must rehydrate more repetitively and in less time, recommended to drink every 20 minutes pedaling. Basically, it will be the same homemade isotonic drink previously told, with the use of lemon that incorporates vitamin C, B and minerals; helping to strengthen the links and tendons, together with sodium bicarbonate that prevents the muscular acidity that we suffer when we do sports.

As well as sea salt that has all the necessary minerals, ideal to recover during long distance pedaling. Depending on the time of year and the constitution of each one, we will suffer more or less need to rehydrate.

If you want to make homemade whey, we recommend that you boil a liter of water, add two teaspoons of sugar, a teaspoon of salt, a pinch of baking soda and lemon juice. This could be a good formula to get your job done.

Homemade isotonic drink for cyclists

What is an isotonic sports drink

Experts say that it is not always necessary to replace water with a hydration drink. If sufficient water intake is achieved before starting training, and in favorable conditions of temperature and humidity, up to 60 minutes of effort can be made without rehydration. If the activity is not aerobic and long lasting, there is no need to replace the water with other moisturizers that contain sugar and generate excess calories. In the case of high-strength sports such as cycling, marathon running or triathlon, we must replenish fluids and recover electrolyte levels, so specific drinks should be consumed.

Isotonic drinks are also known as sports drinks because they have a high degree of hydration and recovery of electrolyte levels; essential liquids and minerals lost while we sweat while doing sports. They include water mixed with minerals such as sodium and potassium, as well as ingredients that provide vitamins A, B and C.

Isotonic drinks provide optimal levels of salt, which are concentrated in the cell membranes of our body. Isotonic fluids have an ideal electrolytic state for the body, so our cell size does not change, obtaining the best level of hydration. Therefore, when you exercise, you should hydrate with isotonic to maintain balance in our body.

Home made isotonic drink for diarrhea

RAW Superdrink is better than a homemade isotonic drink

In short, if you want to take care of your body whether you do sports or because you are going through a disease process linked to your digestive system, it is advisable to drink a homemade isotonic drink or a commercial drink that is 100% natural and without sugars.

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