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Start running like a rookie

Running, jogging or footing. All of them are words known by the majority of the population but that, beyond knowing what they mean, one day you decide to put them into practice. In this article we give you the steps to start running like a rookie.

We spend the day running, walking fast up and down in our work and social life, but at the moment we consider doing so as a sports practice we are pursued by doubts and laziness takes over our being. Give your body a chance, because when you practice it properly it will end up hooking you; no doubt, your body and mind will thank you.

From a very young age, the human being learns to move quickly, moving as if running, basically lifting the feet off the ground; Therefore, age should not be a running handicap as long as you are fit for it. Another thing is to do it with the right technique to go out to enjoy and run more meters saving energy. So, let’s learn to run.

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Tips to start running

The first advice we will give you is to have a medical check-up to rule out any undetected pathology. Then, we will get dressed properly so that clothing and footwear are an ally in our mission. Running is an impact sport, so we will give great importance to the footwear we wear. Currently, there are many brands that have a specific collection for running; models with an EVA sole and padded air chamber that will allow you to absorb each impact much better. Followed by an area in the protected toe and heel footwear, as well as the area of ​​the breathable instep to dissipate the sweat and keep the feet dry. The socks should also have a reinforced toe and heel area, as well as a good support in the waist area so that the sock does not drain and remains well held at all times.

As for the pants and t-shirt, depending on the season of the year we will dress short or long; always wearing garments that allow us a wide range of movement to feel free, as well as in the torso we will wear garments made of technical materials; they are breathable and quick-drying, avoiding running with cotton shirts that get soaked and take time to dry, damaging our performance. All these elements can be found at very competitive prices, so running will not be a problem for our budget.

As for the accessories, there is currently a wide range of prices in sports watches that will give us very valuable information regarding heart rate, pace per kilometer and timing.

tips to start running

Plan to start running

We are already dressed and ready to go running. The next step will be the warm-up phase, you will start to give your body a very smooth rhythm, being much more important than stretching. The latter will be more useful at the end of our training. We will warm up by trotting small steps, making a natural movement of arms and legs so that our muscles are activated and our heart begins to increase in pulsations, accustoming our body to that change in rhythm.

How to start running

After about 5 minutes of warm-up, we will start running our first meters, taking advantage of our entire body to move as efficiently as possible. Many people think that the lower part of our body is the only engine we have to move, forgetting that the movement of our arms also drives the legs at each step, getting further in less time.

In our debut as runners we will seek to feel comfortable in the face of adversity: new clothes and shoes that must adapt to us, muscles that we have been sleeping for a long time.

We will make an start at a rate greater than 6 minutes per kilometer, being able to control this rate in our sports watch. If after a few minutes we see that we can’t do more, we will return to our point of origin walking fast. The goal is to start very slowly to have a good base before looking for new challenges.

Many people ask us about the best time to go running. Without a doubt, whenever our schedule allows, the best time is to run in the morning. After the night’s rest, our body feels lighter and predisposed to accept the exercise. The worst moment is at night, since our body is loaded with food and our brain tired of the whole day, just as it is not advisable to go to sleep with the highest pulsations of normal, our body needs to enter a state of optimum rest before turning off the lights.

how to start running

Is it good to run every day?

And you will wonder if it is good to run every day. We will start with 3 – 4 days a week, also resting between days; for example, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. To keep running 6 days a week, always leaving a day for total rest. The body improves by accumulation of hours of exercise, it is much better to make 6 days a week of 30 minutes each day than to make 2 days a week of 3 hours each.

And after exercise, don’t forget to stretch a little and relax your muscles before going to the shower. As well as hydrate throughout the week with an isotonic drink that recovers your electrolyte levels, it is always recommended that it be 100% organic as RAW Superdrink since you will make sure to hydrate in the most natural way possible and, in the long run, you will avoid have stomach pains.

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