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What are electrolytes?

If you are an athlete, you have surely heard more than once about electrolytes and also about how important it is to replenish them in our body, especially when we do sport. This is the first thing you should know when we talk about electrolytes: that they are a set of minerals present in our body that we need to replace on a regular basis, especially when we do sport.

Why is it so important to “recharge” these electrolytes when we play sports? Because electrolytes are critically lost through sweating, one of the mechanisms our body uses to maintain an adequate body temperature and which is activated when we play sport.

One of the main characteristics of RAW Superdrink is precisely its ability to replenish the electrolytes that we lose during exercise, so we are going to explain in a simple way what electrolytes are, what their functions are and why they are so important for athletes.

Functional hydration, together with a good diet, can make the difference (and does make the difference) between excellent sports results and poor results, which also end up affecting our motivation. We have to understand that what we drink and what we eat is absolutely critical, especially when we talk about athletes and sportsmen. If we maintain healthy lifestyle habits, which bet on a balanced and functional diet, based on legumes, vegetables and fruits, we will find all the nutrients our body needs to keep in optimal conditions. However, in special situations (when we do sport or when we spend many hours in front of the computer, to give just two examples) we face a certain degree of dehydration, something that particularly affects our electrolyte balance.

Why are electrolytes so important?

We have already advanced that electrolytes are certain mineral salts that are found in our body, especially in our blood. But what makes them so special? The truth is that electrolytes are related to a large number of human body functions and an electrolyte imbalance can be fatal. To give a clear example that helps to understand the true dimension of these minerals: in the heartbeat electrolytes play a key role.

Lemon & lima

Mandarine & mango

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Blueberry & Acai

The great particularity of electrolytes, which makes them different from other types of nutrients and mineral salts, is that they have a certain electrical charge. That is, electrolytes have electricity. Okay… the name already gave us a clue (electro, from electricity, and mineral litho) but still, we confirmed it 🙂

Electrolytes are positively or negatively charged (giving rise to cations and anions) and when they dissolve in our bloodstream, electrolytes are capable of producing “electric current”, so to speak. This is extremely important because it is this “electricity” that allows our muscles to contract and dilate or that makes our brain able to send the necessary commands to the rest of the organs through the nervous system so that our body can function normally, just to mention a couple of examples. Without that ability to produce electrical impulses present in our body, and which appears thanks to these important minerals present in the human body, the organism would collapse.

what are the electrolytes

Poor hydration causes muscle cramps

Therefore, the appearance of muscle cramps is one of the first symptoms that appear when we lose electrolytes and are not able to replace them quickly and adequately. Muscles begin to fail as one of the first warning signs.

The most abundant electrolytes in our body are sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. Although they are not the only ones, they are the most important ones and the ones we must always keep in mind. RAW Superdrink helps you to recover those electrolytes that you lose especially with sweat and that are essential to be able to continue doing sport without risk.

Is it enough to hydrate with water to replenish the electrolytes?

We tend to think that drinking water is enough to replenish the electrolytes we lose when doing sports or in relatively special situations (very hot days or after spending several hours playing video games or in front of the computer), but the truth is that many electrolytes are not present, or are not abundant, in tap water and that is why it is so important to reinforce sports hydration with isotonic drinks such as RAW Superdrink and also with rich and varied nutrition, in other words: adequate.

replenish electrolytes

What happens when we don’t replace the electrolytes we lose through sweating?

We have already discussed the importance of these minerals in key functions of the human body. Obviously, if we don’t replace the electrolytes we lose through sweating, we jeopardize our body’s ability to respond to these functions and the consequences can be fatal. Lack of sodium, for example, which occurs when we are unable to rehydrate ourselves properly, affects osmotic pressure and causes our cells to swell, especially those in the brain). One of the first symptoms that appear when our electrolyte balance is not adequate is precisely the headache.

So far, we always talk about symptoms that appear in the early stages but we have also warned that the lack of electrolytes in our body can lead to severe and even fatal complications. The lack of potassium, which is also very common in sports environments, causes everything from muscle cramps and fatigue, in the first instance, to failure of the nervous system in more serious situations. That’s why RAW Superdrink, the first organic isotonic drink for sportsmen and women, is the best option to replenish your electrolytes quickly and safely, so you can continue doing what you love best!

what happens when we don't replenish electrolytes

Which electrolytes are harder to replace?

We insist that it is important to maintain a balanced diet to maintain an adequate electrolyte level (and within the diet we include, of course, hydration). A good diet is key to maintaining our health in optimal conditions. However, some nutrients are easier to find in our food than others. In the case of electrolytes, reference is always made to foods rich in potassium and magnesium because these are minerals that tend to be in short supply in our diet. RAW Superdrink is a good ally for keeping you healthy and with optimum electrolyte levels, but you will also find potassium and magnesium especially abundant in bananas, green leafy vegetables (spinach, broccoli, chard…), tomatoes, kiwis or pumpkin.

osmotic pressure

Osmotic pressure and electrolytes

Another key function of electrolytes is to help us maintain the complex balance that affects osmotic pressure. These minerals are especially important in maintaining that essential balance that affects our cells and that manages to balance the amount of water and mineral salts inside and outside the cells.

If you have reached this point, you will already have a complete picture of how important electrolytes are for the correct functioning of our organism and especially for sportsmen and women. Don’t forget this every time you go to play sport!

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