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Upgrade Yourself: Nike and RAW Superdrink Training

Upgrade Yourself is Nike’s latest project and was created with the aim of optimizing the training time of athletes of all levels, improving their well-being as well.

For the first time the Nike Fitness Space has selected its partners in nutrition, recovery and training. And in the hydration section, it has chosen RAW Superdrink because it is the first 100% organic isotonic drink for sportsmen and women, helping you to recover your body after physical exercise in a healthy and healthy way.

RAW Superdrink has been the isotonic drink chosen by Nike to collaborate in this incredible project aimed at radically improving the habits of all types of women, from teenagers and college students to women of all ages. The differential fact of RAW Superdrink is to be the first isotonic drink in the market completely organic, ecological and natural, number one in sales in its category. Without a doubt, having put the health of our consumers at the center of our priorities as a brand, has been what has truly driven Nike to have RAW Superdrink in its star project this Christmas.

Keys to knowing what Upgrade yourself is about

We give you five keys that will help you understand exactly what the new Nike project is all about (and that will make you want to get involved!)

  1. Upgrade Yourself is not a project designed only for great athletes. If you are one of those who enters a gym and does not know what to do, or one of those who goes for a run but only very occasionally, or one of those who simply wants to improve in sports and daily binestar… this is totally up to you 😉
  2. It’s not about you doing more sport: we want you to learn how to make the most of your time and training!
  3. In the Nike App you will have all the advances and workouts of 3 girls who want to feel better through sport.
  4. Upgrade Yourself is not just about sports, it includes nutrition and lifestyle partners like RAW Superdrink, who will help you understand how good eating habits can completely improve your quality of life and sports performance.

Girl Power as a starting point

In the search for well-being through sport and eating habits initiated by Nike with the Upgrade Yourself project, RAW Superdrink is a key player in educating women to join the project in a comprehensive improvement of their lifestyle.

RAW Superdrink and Nike have wanted to go beyond the simple sport with Upgrade Yourself, aware that although most sports centres have taken care of the factors that have to do with training, including well-planned training routines and innovation in machinery and exercises, to date there has also been a lack of a true vocation of integral improvement in the life habits of the women who come to do their exercises.

It is not difficult to find vending machines in many gyms with artificial drinks with high sugar content and synthetic ingredients that are not recommended in the diet of any athletes (and anyone, really). This is one of the reasons why Nike has positively valued the inclusion of RAW Superdrink, the first completely healthy sports drink, in its Upgrade Yourself project. Without a doubt, it’s a good way to point out that nutrition is as important as the sport itself, and that healthy and functional nutrition is your best ally to feel really good inside and out.

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6 muses to inspire you

Joining the Upgrade Yourself project will help you face 2020 with healthy living habits. To do so, we have 6 real muses who will propose three quite different but totally complementary sports objectives: mobility, resistance and strength. By including these 6 profiles in the Upgrade Yourself project, we show that any girl can start doing sport and that anyone can feel identified. As sportsmen and women and as people, we all have strengths and weaknesses. Points where we can improve. But it doesn’t matter, RAW Superdrink and Upgrade Yourself by Nike are about that too: about boosting our strengths and improving our weaknesses, also about getting to know and value ourselves positively.

In these 6 profiles, we highlight three personal trainers, a coach who will act as general coordinator and two more coaches for special classes. But what are the names behind Upgrade Yourself? To get better, we will have the help of Paula Butragueño, in the role of coach, and 3 personal trainers (Anna Pérez for strength; Mireia Borras for mobility and Judit Abarca for endurance). In addition, Mimi Albero and Ares Aixalà will be in charge of leading the special classes.

The Upgrade Yourself trainers will face each week a topic that will help them to improve, and they will do it together with you, to grow together. It will be a total of 8 weeks in which you will discover a more fun and efficient way of doing sport, which optimizes your time and your results and which covers a lot of different but intensely related disciplines: fitness, motivation, nutrition, running, recovery (very important for us), yoga, HIT.

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RAW Superdrink and sports hydration

No doubt, in the sports recovery part RAW Superdrink will play a key role. Our drink is isotonic and helps you recharge the electrolytes you lose when you play sports. The body loses a lot of electrolytes and mineral salts through sweat and that electrolyte loss is what makes recovery slower. Including RAW Superdrink in your daily life will help you balance your electrolyte and mineral salt levels, making you train better and maintaining adequate energy levels.

The goal of Updgrade Yourself is for you to start 2020 with fully charged batteries, with a wealth of knowledge on sports and healthy living habits that will help you make the best decisions possible. Most importantly, Upgrade Yourself will improve your day-to-day dynamics in a different way, where fun, entertainment and escape from routine will be key. Upgrade Yourself is a dynamic project, which includes half a dozen coaches to avoid falling into monotony and routine (ergo, boredom).

Upgrade Yourself has carefully selected the partners of this project to help you achieve all the objectives in an easier way. From sports equipment (dumbbells, ribbons or rubbers), to nutrition products, including of course RAW Superdrink, the healthiest and most functional sports drink on the market.

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