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RAW Superdrink has no gum arabic

More and more of us are looking at what we eat and drink, focusing on the ingredients that food has in our diet. As well, more and more people are signing up for vegetarian diets, loving organic products and disregarding any manipulated or others with sweeteners and flavorings.

Therefore, the tendency is to consume food with the least amount of additives; a curse word that, by itself, already transmits negativity and artificiality. That’s why we find E414 in many drinks, and in this article we’re going to tell you why RAW Superdrink doesn’t have gum arabic, being the first 100% organic isotonic drink in the world.

But what is gum arabic? We are talking about an additive that improves its appearance, taste, color and shelf life. The origin of the additives can be natural or chemical, indicated on the labels with the letter E, followed by a number indicating whether it is a colouring agent (1), preservative (2), antioxidant (3), thickener or stabilizer (4), pH regulator or anti-caking agent (5), flavour enhancer (6), wax, gas filler or sweetener (9). Gum arabic is known as E414 on the label and is a resin that comes from trees of the Acacia species.

Gum Arabic uses

Currently, used as a stabilizer for wines or eye masks. Also as a stabilizer in soft drinks and in the production of candies and chewing gum. The gum arabic tree provides a natural thickener. In the world of beverages, gum arabic provides texture and effervescence.

Contraindications of gum arabic

Gum arabic is not highly recommended for people who have digestive problems. Taking it in large quantities is contraindicated. Some of the side effects of eating gum arabic are swelling, nausea, flatulence or moderate diarrhoea. Not that it is a toxic additive but it could cause inflammation in the body.

Lemon & lima

Mandarine & mango

Strawberry & mint

Blueberry & Acai

Side effects of guar gum

There are other types of food gum such as cassia gum (E427) used as a texturizer for dog and cat food, coffee substitutes, frozen dairy products, etc… or guar gum, a natural thickener and gelling agent from the seeds of the leguminous plant. The side effects of guar gum are linked to the laxative effect, diarrhea, recommended by some for weight loss, is a risk to the digestive system.

RAW Superdrink is an isotonic drink, also known as a sports drink because it presents a valuable state of hydration and recovery of electrolyte levels; essential liquids and minerals lost while we sweat while exercising. They include water mixed with minerals such as sodium and potassium, as well as ingredients that provide vitamins A, B and C. Also as it should remain evident that isotonic drinks are not energy drinks, loaded with stimulants that are enormously harmful to your health; isotonic drinks do not include any energy ingredients that stimulate you and their main task is to restore the lost elements that are essential to our organism and that are vaporised when we do sport. In long-distance sports, which require high physical resistance for many hours, such as cycling, running, swimming or triathlon, you can sweat considerably and waste weight with ease. Therefore, as the hours go by, we will become dehydrated.

gum arabic

RAW Superdrink is a drink recommended by nutritionists

RAW Superdrink is so healthy that team nutritionists and elite athletes recommend it, without the need for gum arabic or similar, all the ingredients in the drink are 100% natural, incorporating only what you need to recover your electrolyte levels and hydrate yourself in the most efficient and healthy way available today. Therefore, RAW Superdrink is not only recommended for sports, but also for your daily life, being an ally for your body and mind.

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