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Flexibility is really important in our daily life and red fruits help to achieve it. Raw Blueberry – Açaí has been developed using organic açai berries and blueberries to improve your flexibility and hydration.

Yoga lovers and trendy people love this super smooth organic flavor, which recharges your body with antioxidants and takes advantage of all the benefits of açai and red fruits. We have the answer for those who want to rehydrate themselves in a 100% healthy way, for those who are looking for an organic, clean and functional drink adapted to their lifestyle. We help you recharge the electrolytes you lose when you sweat by taking care of your health. If you feel like more, you feel like Raw.

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Re-hydrate your body and mind with our other isotonic drink packs for sports or enjoyment.

Lemon & lima

Pack of 12 bottles with lemon and lime flavor. Discover our freshest combination, 100% organic and natural. The most refreshing taste of lemon combined with the explosiveness of lime to rehydrate you for real.

Mandarine & mango

Pack of 12 bottles with tangerine and mango flavor. Two super exotic fruits, 100% organic and healthy and full of flavor united in a combination that recharges your electrolytes, really hydrating when you need it most.

Strawberry & Mint

Strawberry, mint and a lot of superfruits come together to create an isotonic drink full of flavor, completely organic and 100% healthy. Reload yourself with the 12-bottle pack with strawberry and mint flavor.

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Mixed Pack

Don’t choose, you can have it all. Pack of 12 bottles with 3 of each Raw Super Drink flavor. Recharge your energy with the favorite isotonic drink of a new generation of athletes and athletes looking for a healthy organic lifestyle.

What’s a super drink?

If we have dared to include the Super in front of the Drink it is because we are truly a super drink. What do we mean? Raw Super Drink is made with extremely healthy and functional ingredients for your body and helps you rehydrate in a unique way. We help you to keep your electrolyte level at an adequate level when you sweat while doing sports, and to recharge in an organic way. We are Super Drink because we have taken the category of isotonic beverages to a new level: sugar-free, completely healthy and functional. We only know how to do things from commitment and quality and the result is something exceptional, which stands out from the rest. Try us and you will understand.

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Gluten Free Drink Suitable for Celiacs

Gluten is very present in our diet although its nutritional value is practically nil. This fact has more to do with economic and business interests than with the idea of offering the consumer the best. For coeliacs and those who choose a gluten-free diet, this is a real problem, although fortunately the supply of gluten-free products has increased exponentially in recent years.

The only current treatment for celiac disease is to exclude gluten from your diet. Raw Super Drink uses only organic products in its manufacture and is gluten free. Therefore, you can recommend us with complete confidence.

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Drink for diabetics

Diabetes affects millions of people around the world and the mainstream food industry has probably had a lot to do with it. Diabetes is also strongly associated with obesity and unhealthy diets. For this reason, almost all isotonic drinks (not to mention energy drinks!) are not suitable for diabetics, because they have a large amount of sugars, most of them added, to enhance the taste and mask the poor quality of their ingredients.

Raw Super Drink is the exact opposite of this type of drink. We’ve managed to create an isotonic drink that helps you recover from sports activity in a completely organic and functional way. As we do not use added sugars and use only top quality organic ingredients, we have a low level of carbohydrates and we are a drink especially recommended for all diabetics who are also Sport Lovers.

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Vegetarian and vegan drink


We can’t believe we have to clarify this point because we’re a drink after all! We mean, what kind of drink can some ingredients of animal origin be? In any case, the reality is that many isotonic drinks include ingredients of animal origin in their formulas. Obviously, Raw Super Drink does not use any animal products in its production.

All our ingredients are of vegetable origin, from organic coconut water to baobab or superfurtas such as mango and açai. If you are vegan or vegetarian you can rest easy and rehydrate with Raw Super Drink. If you’re not, ask yourself what it is that you were drinking that had animal ingredients in its production. We are born for a new generation of healthy athletes willing to change the world, do you join us?

Properties of blueberries and acai

The açaí is a small purple fruit very popular in Brazil. Its appearance is similar to that of other red fruits, such as blueberries or grapes. Thanks to its incredible health effects and antioxidant properties, the açai has gained popularity worldwide, entering the category of authentic superfood. Bilberries are the ideal complement to açai, they are also perfect for reducing the effects of aging because they are full of natural antioxidants (açai contains 30 times more antioxidants than a black grape!). Both fruits have a high protein content and are therefore highly recommended for vegans. They are also very energetic fruits, perfect for sports lovers. The combination of Açai and blueberries is nutritionally brutal, containing 16 of the 20 amino acids found in the human body, minerals and electrolytes such as calcium, iron, zinc or magnesium, and a mix of vitamins difficult to find in other foods (especially vitamin E).

What are superfruits?

Superfruits are fruits that are extremely rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Their consumption is common among elite athletes and people who want to take care of themselves because they are highly beneficial to health and the body. Also for the day to day. What is special about superfruits such as mango, red fruits or açai is that they can provide a large amount of vitamins and mineral salts to the sports lovers, and help him recover much more quickly after physical activity. If we have achieved that a bottle of Raw Super Drink has six times more vitamin C than an orange, it is thanks to the superfruits. You have to try us ????


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