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Discover the RAW Superdrink Reload Pack and recharge your electrolytes and vitamin C with all the power of RAW’s most refreshing citrus flavors. 6 bottles of Lemon-Lime and another 6 of Tangerine-Mango to drive lovers of the freshest RAW flavours crazy.

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Mandarine & mango

Discover the most “C” pack of RAW Superdrink with these 12 half-litre bottles and tangerine and mango flavour. Two super fruits, 100% organic and healthy that will take you to a new level of hydration.

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Buy beverages to recharge energy

Intensive training and demanding intellectual activity cause your body to lose hydration. Incredible as it may seem, being in front of a computer screen surfing the Internet or playing a video game causes dehydration that is really comparable to the dehydration we suffer when we do (relatively) low intensity exercise.

If we talk about high-intensity exercises, things are much worse: sweat causes us to lose mineral salts and electrolytes (a group of key minerals in neurological function and in the muscular system). Therefore, when we exercise for important periods of time, or with a lot of intensity, and we do not rehydrate ourselves properly, from slight dizziness to strong muscular cramps appear.

We have to think that water is enough but water by itself can not replenish all the mineral salts and electrolytes that we lose with sweat, so it is important to resort to isotonic drinks to help you recharge your electrolytes. There are many brands of isotonic drinks but no other can say that it is completely organic, natural and ecological. That’s why we invite you to trust us to take your sports hydration to a new level.

frutas con energia

recharge electrolytes

Recharge yourself with positive energy

Sport suits us. It releases endorphins, makes us feel better in many ways and fills us with positive energy… but we have to be aware that the greater the sporting activity, the greater the care. The truth is that hydration in sport, along with diet, has a fundamental role.

We cannot lose sight of the fact that when doing sport we lose a lot of energy in the form of mineral salts and electrolytes and to recover that energy there are only three effective ways: rest, hydration and nutrition. You can believe us: energy drinks will not help you recover your energy. Highly sugary (directly with sugar or with substitutes that are almost worse) these drinks are loaded with artificial stimulants and sweeteners that besides putting in risk your health (and your teeth!) do not have any value for the athlete’s recharge because they are contraindicated for the three ways to recover (remember: rest, rehydration and diet).

RAW Superdrink is the answer you need: an isotonic drink created for sports lover and women, 100% organic and natural, which will help you recover your energy in a positive way without putting your health at risk.

lemon Properties

Properties and contraindications of lemon

The benefits of lemon have been known for thousands of years. The lemon tree is a tree that accompanies the human being since practically always and the properties of lemon and water with lemon are known since ancient times, from the Greeks and Romans to the present day, humans have known how to use the citrus qualities, antibiotics and astringents of lemon in its nutritional benefit and, why not say it, also in a medicinal way: ginger with lemon, for example, remains a spectacular remedy in viral and flu processes.

The alkaline lemonade also has its followers, and there are even those who insist on having water with lemon for breakfast on an empty stomach (something that we do not recommend at all). The truth is that the lemon is the jewel in the crown of the fruits with C for its high content in this vitamin. If you include in any search engine “vitamin C properties” you will know why the lemon is a citrus so appreciated.

The consumption of vitamin C is key for the human being for two reasons: the first is its importance for the organism in critical aspects such as, for example, the creation of collagen (an absolutely essential element in our tissues). The second reason is that the body is not able to synthesise this vitamin (i.e. we are not able to produce it ourselves). Although lemon and the rest of the citrus fruits are key to the supply of vitamin C, there are those who insist on looking for “lemon contraindications” on the Internet.

It should be noted that lemon, like other fruits, has no contraindications. This term (which should be reserved exclusively for pharmacology) has no basis when we talk about a fruit that has saved sailors from the plague of scurvy and has a place of honor within the wonderful Mediterranean diet.

properties of the mango

Properties of Mandarine and Mango

 Mandarine and mango are two superfruits and they are for many reasons. The first and perhaps the most important is for the large amount of vitamins and minerals that contribute to our body. Mandarine has a large amount of vitamin C and therefore helps your defenses in a spectacular way.

In addition, both superfruits serve to maintain good body mass indexes, the calories of a tangerine are virtually nil, although its nutritional properties are not at all! The mango, with all its exoticism and wonderful taste, is also an excellent ally for those who want to improve their weight.

Although it is a fruit that is very satiating, it is also hypocaloric: a superfood in its own right full of vitamins and minerals difficult to find in other foods, such as vitamin E, magnesium or potassium. At RAW Superdrink we are perfectly aware of the properties of combining two products as good as tangerine and mango and mixing them with the rest of the organic ingredients (organic coconut water, sea salt or baobab). We have created the first natural isotonic drink on the market to help a new generation of healthy athletes reach a new level.

Why are citrus fruits your best ally against the cold?

Vitamin C helps our defenses in a really effective way. That’s why consuming citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges or tangerines is so important when it’s cold. To defend yourself against colds, colds and prevent the flu, the consumption of vitamin C is one of the best options you have at your fingertips.

Including the consumption of these fruits will also help you improve many other aspects of your health, from the respiratory system to the intestinal transit (because they are rich in fiber).

RAW Superdrink gives you a new way to rehydrate before, during and after sports. We are the first isotonic drink for completely ecological and healthy athletes and we want you to join our revolution.

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