RAW Reload (24 x 250 ml.)

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To take care of yourself, the 100%BIO, non-carbonated soda with no added sugars. Try it!

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Are you looking for a drink in your favorite bar, your local store or when you go to the supermarket to accompany you in your daily life? RAW Lemon-Lime refreshes and helps hydrate you at all times, in the morning, at lunch, during dinner or after a hard day’s work.

Our RAW Lemon-Lime refreshment has been created especially for the new generation of healthy consumers who are bored of consuming sugar and artificial ingredients, colorants etc. It was the same for us!

To take care of yourself, the 100%BIO, non-carbonated soft drink with no added sugars – try it!


8 reviews for RAW Reload (24 x 250 ml.)

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RAW in a new format

RAW Superdrink is one of the healthiest drinks you can find on the market. Why? Because all of our ingredients are incredibly healthy. In fact, we’re convinced it’s the best, and we think you’ll think so too if you give us a chance. Want to improve your health quickly and effectively? Read on.

Within non-carbonated drinks and sugar-free soft drinks you will find many supposedly healthy suggestions that, in spite of everything, still use added sugar and other similar sweeteners. Healthy drinks that are not really healthy because they use artificial ingredients and all kinds of chemical components. RAW Superdrink does exactly the opposite. That’s why when a doctor or nutritionist asks us what our secret is to creating such a functional and healthy drink, we always say it’s transparency: having nothing to hide.

The secret is to do things extremely well and put the consumer’s health at the centre of the whole process. That is why we only use organic and healthy ingredients. We did not want to be born to be just another drink, focused on marketing and production costs and leaving behind the health of consumers.

We were born to be exactly the opposite and to give a clear and objective answer to a new generation of consumers, much more committed to their health and concerned about a global trend towards overweight, obesity and diabetes. How can RAW help reduce overweight rates or improve diabetes rates?

recharge electrolytes

A healthy drink

RAW is a source of health, full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and that’s why all nutritionists recommend it as an incredible option to promote healthy hydration. In this way, we can help people of all ages dramatically reduce their sugar intake while boosting their health. That’s why RAW collaborates with YouTubers with tens of millions of followers (TheGrefg or Willyrex) and with brands like PlayStation: to improve the consumption habits of the youngest.

Don’t have any doubts. All our ingredients are detailed on our label and, as you can see, they are all organic and of totally ecological origin. That’s why we are so healthy and why we have the European Union’s BIO seal. Do you know any other isotonic drink that can say the same? None. No isotonic drink has seals like ours and other types of endorsements, no other isotonic drink is an official supplier of the Movistar Team, nor has it been selected by the legendary sports brand Nike to participate in its Upgrade Yourself program. Just RAW. That’s why we make the difference.

non-carbonated beverages

Properties and contraindications of the lemon

Discover now our new format in 100% recycled and recyclable aluminum can to enjoy your RAW in every moment. Different shape on the outside but the same completely healthy drink on the inside. The 250 ml can is designed to accompany your meals and your moments of relaxation, also so you can enjoy all the taste of RAW in your favorite bars. We want to be one of the non-alcoholic drinks to order in a reference bar, one of the sugar-free soft drinks that also help you recover from your physical and sports activity while taking care of your health. A refreshing drink without sugar suitable for all ages and from now on also adapted to all formats.

healthy drinks

Low-calorie non-carbonated soft drink

One of the lowest calorie drinks you can find at the supermarket, online and now also in your nearest shops and bars. The healthiest soft drink also for the little ones, because, far from what other brands do, RAW is presented as an alternative without additives, colorants or preservatives.

Without added sugar or any other artificial sweetener. That’s why we fall into the category of sugar-free soft drinks for diabetics, we are suitable for celiacs and vegans and of course, children of all ages can also drink us to boost their intake of mineral vitamins and anti-toxins… but do you want to know a bit more about what our ingredients are?

What ingredients do we use?

RAW ingredients range from coconut water, one of the richest vitamin and mineral drinks in the world and extremely healthy, to superfruits such as baobab or açai. Why superfruits?

Because all the fruits that we use in our elaboration (tangerine, lime, mango, strawberry…) stand out for their high content in nutrients. The combination of all these natural ingredients (to which we add sea salt of ecological origin or spring water from the Alps) results in a super drink.

This is why RAW boosts your recovery and takes your training to another level, as well as being a source of health. A bottle of RAW has, for example, six times more vitamin C than an orange, improves the immune system, reduces inflammation and strengthens the digestive system.

soft drinks to order in a bar


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