Six pack RAW Superdrink: Hydrate with energy for very little


Introducing the new RAW Superdrink pack, a box of six organic drinks created for those customers who want to try us at a super-economical price: €11.90 …and shipping included in Spain! (except in the Canary and Balearic Islands).

Now you can take your new RAW Superdrink packs with you in each of the four flavours we have created (lime & lemon, mandarin & mango, strawberry & mint and blueberry & açai), and you can also decide to try one of the two exclusive packs we have prepared so that you can combine several flavours. If strong emotions are your thing, we recommend the Reload pack so that you can stay active and always fresh. If you’re a bit more chill and you’re looking for a softer flavor, the Shoot pack is for you. Two different ways of looking at life but with something in common, the love for truly healthy products.

pack reload

Pack Reload, lots of freshness and vitamin C


Have you already decided which pack best suits your tastes? If you decide on the Reload pack we will send you 3 bottles of lime & lemon and another 3 of mandarin & mango, so that you can recharge your electrolytes without sugar and also give your body an extra vitamin C. All the power of four of the most citrus and healthy organic foods that exist (mandarin, mango, lemon and lime) concentrated in a pack that will refresh you and recover you completely healthy.

The Reload pack is the best option to boost your defenses in cold weather, but also, as it is very refreshing, is also a great option for the hot months. Let yourself be seduced by the vitamin power of RAW supercitrus, from organic farming and totally free of processes that alter their qualities. We are natural, and perhaps that is why our name means “crude” in English.

pack shoot

Pack Shoot, for lovers of antioxidants

If you choose the Shoot pack, you will find two of the most functional healthy drinks on the market: 3 bottles of Raw Superdrink Cranberry & Açai flavour and 3 bottles of Strawberry and Mint. A discharge of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants concentrated in two completely organic, non-carbonated and sugar-free drinks. What do we mean by “completely organic”? Well, if you take a good look at our label you won’t see any E or similar additives, and of course no added sugar or stimulants. You will only find completely organic products such as coconut water or sea salt, and superfruits such as blueberry and açai. That’s all: that’s our best secret: no secrets at all! Obviously, in the end all this shows. Including RAW in your everyday life makes you feel better by taking advantage of all the power of superfruits, more vitamins, more antioxidants, more minerals… what all this translates into: more energy and more health.

Other RAW Superdrink beverages

Re-hydrate your body and mind with our other isotonic drink packs for sports or enjoyment.

Lemon & lima

RAW Pack of 12 bottles x 500 Ml with lemon and lime flavor. The power of two supercitrics combined to recharge your electrolytes in a truly organic way. Discover a unique and completely healthy taste with your new isotonic drink.

Mandarine & mango

Discover the most “C” pack of RAW Superdrink with these 12 half-litre bottles and tangerine and mango flavour. Two super fruits, 100% organic and healthy that will take you to a new level of hydration.

Strawberry & Mint

Pack of 12 bottles x 500Ml RAW with strawberry and mint flavor. Extra moisturizing and extra refreshing. A discharge of vitamins and minerals that will help you improve your workouts in a completely healthy.

blueberry & Acai

Pack of 12 bottles flavored with blueberries and açai. A completely healthy discharge of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that is noticeable inside and out.

The healthiest isotonic drink on the market

We have created a healthy isotonic drink that fits inside the label of vegetable drinks (and that’s why it’s suitable for vegans, and also for celiacs, by the way) but that goes much further. Yes, RAW Superdrink is much more than an organic soft drink. Actually, our category is not healthy soft drinks (because they just don’t exist!) or no calorie soft drinks (or less calorie soft drinks, to be exact). We’re not a soda, because healthy soft drinks don’t exist, not even non-carbonated soft drinks are! Therefore, to refer to RAW Superdrink we have to talk about a new product category adapted to the needs of new consumers, more aware, more involved, more knowledgeable and, above all, much healthier; we are talking about a segment that we lead worldwide among the brands of isotonic drinks: that of healthy beverages, from organic farming.

If you’re going to buy an isotonic drink and you haven’t tried us yet, the six-unit pack gives you the opportunity to do so at a very low price. We’re sure you won’t regret it. We know that many of you invest a lot of time and effort in creating homemade isotonic drinks, you do so because until now it was hard for you to find truly healthy, sugar-free isotonic drinks. We were born to meet that need, to respond to athletes and gamers who are tired of being confused with advertising messages that talk about beverages without bubbles as if they were the solution to recharge the electrolytes we lose when we sweat, when what is needed is an isotonic drink, like RAW Superdrink, that recharges your electrolyte levels naturally.


healthier isotonic drink


It’s time to try RAW

Don’t think twice and take the opportunity to have a RAW Superdrink pack of 6 bottles of 500 ml at home for less than 2€ bottle in less than 48h and with shipping included! Try us and discover a new way of doing things, adapted to your reality and your needs, fully functional, extremely healthy and totally organic. If you want to keep doing what you like best and not compromise your health, RAW Superdrink is the best option. Forget about mainstream isotonic phony that only invest in advertising campaigns and in which the health of their consumers is in the background. We are focused on the product, so in our label you will only find really good ingredients. We are committed to you and we ask that, if you haven’t already done so, give us a chance. Discover RAW and improve your lifestyle.


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