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Baobab’s anti-inflammatory properties for athletes

Have you ever heard of the Baobab? I’m sure you can’t imagine how much this African tree can do for you. Baobab is a superfood that has up to seven times more vitamin C than oranges, a very high percentage of fiber and much more iron than meat.

More red blood cells make you run more

It is important to clarify that our organism needs vitamin C to absorb iron (a fundamental mineral in the diet of human beings, and especially in that of sportsmen, because it influences the production of red blood cells, which are responsible for transporting oxygen through the blood). It can also be included in the paleo diet. This is why the combination of vitamin C and iron found in this fruit is so perfect and is one of the great properties of the Baobab, which elevates it to the exclusive category of superfruits.

In the production of red blood cells there is another vitamin, also very present in the Baobab, which is extremely important, we are talking about the riboflavin (or vitamin B2) which, together with other vitamins from the same group, helps to produce red blood cells, influences growth and helps to release the energy we take in through proteins. These are complex processes in which the intake of superfoods has a very positive influence. We talk about this superfood because it is part of the ingredients of our RAW Superdrink. You can find out more about our composition by reading about the properties of blueberries, the benefits of acai and the properties of coconut water.

A real superfood

However, the qualities of the baobab are not limited to boosting our red blood cell count (which, incidentally, is critical to improving sports performance) and go far beyond. The benefits of the Baoban include a lot of vitamins and minerals that positively affect many functions in our body. For example, baobab has three times more calcium than milk, and is rich in potassium and magnesium (minerals that are difficult to find in other foods). If we focus on sports nutrition, the properties of the baobab are almost science fiction. Did you know that including baobab in your diet can help prevent injuries and improve your recovery? We’ll explain it to you below.

Lemon & lima

Mandarine & mango

Strawberry & mint

Blueberry & Acai

Less swelling means more performance

At RAW Superdrink we are well aware of the qualities of the baobab (undoubtedly one of the foods of the future) and that’s why we were so clear that we needed to include it in the list of RAW superfoods. Including a daily dose of baobab in an athlete’s diet can help to achieve great benefits. Baobab clearly reduces inflammation and this is a critical point for athletes and elite sportspeople. High-performance sport pushes the human body to its limits, contact, hitting, training… the human body may be ready to run, but it may not be ready to run a marathon. Impacts result in inflammation and often muscle injuries of all kinds, as well as bruises and sprains.

If we think in the sense that the baobab helps to reduce inflammation radically, it is not unreasonable to say that the baobab has some medicinal properties. Its anti-inflammatory capacity helps to prevent all kinds of sports injuries and to recover more quickly.

baobab properties

Baobab and digestion

The truth is that the baobab is a unique tree in many ways. The baobab fruit is the only fruit that is dehydrated and dissected by the tree itself. This completely natural process allows us to take advantage of all its properties without altering its benefits with any artificial or industrial process.

The benefits of baobab pulp

Babobab pulp helps a lot with digestive disorders and this also has a lot to do with the anti-inflammatory qualities we already mentioned. Improving the intestinal transit clearly affects all the functions of our organism. If we want to achieve a better digestion we obviously have to influence the diet and promote the intake of foods rich in fiber, such as baobab, and which also reduce inflammation is the best alternative. Changing your habits and opting for a diet based on vegetables, legumes and fruits such as baobab, will not only benefit your intestinal transit. You will notice improvements at all levels: from resistance to strength.

The myth of meat as a source of energy and indispensable strength is no longer sustained and has remained just that: a simple myth. Today we know that if we want to have good energy levels, meat consumption is not the best option: we have to include more vegetables and legumes in our diet. The food industry has maintained and continues to maintain a status quo based on a diet that favours its own interests but is not the most advisable.

future food

A “total” tree

If we continue to investigate the baobab, we discover that it is a tree that is used for everything, for all kinds of purposes: from nutritional to dermatological. A very precious oil is extracted from the seeds of the baobab: baobab oil which has legendary moisturizing and nourishing properties for the skin and is used to make all-vegetarian soaps that help people with dermatitis problems.

baobab pulp

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