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Isotonic drinks and gastrointestinal problems

When we suffer from a gastrointestinal pathology, we can present vomiting and diarrhea that produce dehydration and loss of electrolytes. In these cases, it is essential to maintain adequate hydration that provides these substances to replace these losses.

In order for the body to absorb the ingested water well, it requires a mineral salt (electrolyte) composition similar to that of blood, i.e. an isotonic composition. That is why, when we suffer from diarrhoea, vomiting or other similar pathologies, it is essential to rely on a good isotonic drink, such as RAW Superdrink, which is totally organic and free of added sugars but with a large amount of electrolytes.

Isotonic drinks and diarrhoea

If you’re wondering what to eat with diarrhea and what to drink for diarrhea. The first answer is much more complex than the second. If the diarrhoea is severe and in any case, our recommendation is always that you consult your doctor about what type of diet you should follow. He or she will explain to you why you should rely on drinks with a good supply of mineral salts and electrolytes such as RAW Superdrink and why you should avoid all types of sugary drinks in particular, and also avoid carbonated drinks.

RAW Superdrink and the Digestive System

RAW Superdrink is a very good option to ensure a correct hydration, both in healthy people and in those who present some pathology or gastrointestinal problem. As we have mentioned before, if we are faced with electrolyte loss due to vomiting or diarrhoea, we should choose a drink that hydrates us and has an adequate electrolyte content. Other types of isotonic drinks contain added sugar, which is counterproductive if we have diarrhoea. For a drink to help rehydrate the body it must contain less than 10% carbohydrates in its composition. In addition, some isotonic drinks have a much higher proportion of electrolytes (sodium, potassium, phosphorus…) than recommended, which can worsen stools (as they contain a greater amount of sugar and electrolytes, they can produce osmotic diarrhoea).

Why do the ingredients in RAW Superdrink help improve our digestive system?

The foods that favour the correct functioning of our digestive system are those that present a lower degree of processing, that is to say, those that we can get naturally (especially fruits and vegetables), while those “ultraprocessed” foods will provide us with ingredients of very low quality (harmful fats, excessive contribution of salt, added sugars…) that will not benefit us at all.

Lemon & lima

Mandarine & mango

Strawberry & mint

Blueberry & Acai

The problems of sugary drinks

In recent years it has become clear that sugary drinks do not provide any health benefits and have no advantages over other types of drinks without added sugar. It would be important to differentiate between a drink with artificially added sugars and one that has naturally occurring sugars (because it contains fruit among its ingredients, as is the case with RAW Superdrink).

Currently, the WHO has established that the recommendation of maximum amount of sugar for daily consumption would be 25 grams, amount that is often exceeded if we take a drink with these characteristics. This is a serious problem that affects the health of millions of people, favouring overweight and obesity and all the health problems associated with these pathologies.

unsweetened beverages

What does keeping our digestive system healthy mean?

Maintaining a healthy digestive system has an overall impact on the whole body. It is necessary to think that by means of the digestion we obtain the necessary nutrients to maintain a correct operation in our body. Furthermore, bacteria (microbiota) live in our intestine and play a very important role in many pathologies such as diabetes, overweight or obesity.

How much fluid should we drink throughout the day, whether we are playing sports or living a more sedentary life?

The need for daily fluid intake varies with the person’s age and weight. For people with normal weight, and without pathologies that require a special hydration (renal or cardiac insufficiency…) a total consumption of approximately 35 ml x total weight is recommended (for a person of 70 kg, 2450 ml is recommended).

It is important to know that this amount corresponds to the total liquid intake and one must take into account coffee, infusions, broths, fruit, vegetables… and not only free water.


Are isotonics also recommended even when we don’t do sport?

Although generally an isotonic drink such as RAW Superdrink is recommended after sport or in digestive processes that increase our water and electrolyte losses, they can also be a recommended option if we are on some kind of special diet such as intermittent fasting, to maintain a correct electrolyte supply during the fasting period.

digestive processes isotonic drink

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