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A healthy lifestyle is your best investment for 2020!

Did you know that a healthy lifestyle can extend your life by more than a decade? And we’re not talking about doing anything really special, we’re talking about maintaining a series of habits over time that will help you live longer and, just as importantly, live better.

If we look at the WHO definition of Healthy Lifestyles, we will find quite a few references to the set of habits that help us stay healthy. However, although there is a lot of information about it, the reality is that more than 2 billion people are obese or overweight. And it only gets worse.

The key, as we said, is to redefine our habits, habits that are completely influenced by advertising. The food industry took up the baton from the taqueras and alcohol when advertising was banned at events and sports broadcasts.

This industry, supported by fast food chains and lobbies like the one for sugar, decided to bet on low quality artificial products based on sugar and its derivatives. This fact, together with the boom in meat consumption brought about by this same industry, served as a prelude to a brutal change of paradigm in our relationship with food. A change in habits that has resulted in a global health problem that products like RAW Superdrink are helping to address and correct.

What is a habit?

But we need to stop for a moment and ask ourselves what is a habit?, and what are the habits that will help us maintain a healthy lifestyle? The truth is that there are three fundamental habits on which any healthy lifestyle is based: maintaining a healthy diet (and for this the WHO recommends a balanced diet based on vegetables, fruits and legumes), staying active (the best way is to lead an active lifestyle, doing moderate exercise several days a week) and getting adequate rest. This third leg is often left in the background, overshadowed by food.

Lemon & lima

Mandarine & mango

Strawberry & mint

Blueberry & Acai

5 healthy living habits

Do you wonder how you can lead a healthy life? There’s no magic formula for it. The key is knowledge and education. In changing the harmful habits that are part of your daily life for new dynamics that are much more characteristic of a healthy life, and here we have to refer back to that fundamental basis that will help us to build a healthy life: healthy eating, moderate physical activity and adequate rest.

Consult the 5 habits of healthy life in pdf that cannot be missing in your day to day


  1. Take care of what you eat and base your diet on legumes, fruits and vegetables.
  2. Avoid sugary drinks and hydrate yourself in a healthy way.
  3. Stay active! Sedentary life is public enemy number one: exercise moderately at least three days a week.
  4. Don’t forget to rest, and sleep, at least eight hours a day.
  5. Avoid the “toxic trinity”: tobacco, alcohol and coffee.

healthy living habits pdf

How to achieve a healthy state of satisfaction and peace of mind?

Obviously, there are a lot of other, much more specific, indications that will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle but, in general, these three pillars encompass each one of them. It is very important to emphasize that we should not confuse habits with temporary diets or certain activities that do not last a lifetime. Joining the gym for a couple of months in January, resting only during the holidays or going on a diet, does not help to generate the right conditions to achieve that healthy state of satisfaction and peace of mind that we all desire.

How to encourage healthy habits in children and adolescents


In the case of food diets, it is even counterproductive. What is important is not to develop more or less healthy behaviours for a given period of time, which is usually short. The habit has to be maintained over time throughout our lives. Therefore, the healthy habit must necessarily be internalized, automated, so to speak. For example, once we learn to ride a bicycle, we no longer need to think about anything in order to move forward on the pedals without losing our balance. We have automated the movements. With habits something similar happens, the development of a healthy and wholesome life needs a certain degree of prior knowledge and awareness that ends up being automated in the day to day.

The example of the bicycle is very good because it evokes childhood, and if we want to know how we can lead a healthy life ideally we should focus on childhood. Encouraging healthy habits for children and adolescents is one of the main battle horses of any advanced society. 80% of obese adults have also been obese as children!

how to lead a healthy life

Paradoxically, despite the healthy lifestyle campaigns promoted by the health ministry and the increasingly accurate information we find on the subject, the figures for child overweight and obesity are growing year by year. The WHO describes obesity as an epidemic, and it has every reason to do so. Childhood overweight is critical because it determines and largely conditions people’s health for life. Behind overweight and obesity among children and adolescents we do not find “just” a few extra kilos, we find a failure to incorporate the healthy habit into the life of a child who will soon be an adult.

Healthy habits must also extend to child nutrition

It’s not easy to change the habits and automatisms we develop during childhood and that’s why at RAW Superdrink we believe that all efforts aimed at getting children and teenagers to lead a healthier life (especially in terms of their eating habits and physical activity) is an investment in a better world. If we are able to teach children and teenagers the routines needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle the chances of developing a full and healthy maturity are multiplied.

That’s why healthy eating habits for children are key, and although the ministry is promoting them with tedious awareness campaigns, the reality is that we need a much more profound change.

RAW Superdrink promotes that change, that’s why we want to share again this simple pdf with 5 healthy life habits, very clear and informative, focused to serve as a guide for all those who want to start taking care of themselves.

healthy lifestyle

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