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The word diet has been on everyone’s lips for years, gaining more and more strength today and not just for to lose weight; also suitable for athletes who want to maintain a specific weight and muscle mass to perform at their maximum sports goals. But everything has a beginning, beyond the modern age; we have to go back to the Paleolithic era to know the Paleo diet.

What is the paleo diet?

The Paleolithic period goes back almost 3 million years and lasted until 10,000 years ago. Also known as the Stone Age, it was a very important moment for humanity since the use of tools made in stone and that allowed us to develop and survive in the face of the many adversities that humanity experienced at that time.

In that period, man fed on plants and animals. Basically, meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. So the way to process the products had not been invented and, consequently, there were few carbohydrate nutrients. This was the paleolithic diet and on which the paleo diet is based.

The American Walter L. Voegtlin was the precursor of the paleo diet in the 70s and was based on the idea that man should feed himself as he did in the past. He said that looking at the origin of humanity we would be authentic and, in short, healthier. Making healthy habits according to our human evolution, without suffering the risk of feeding artificially in modern times and away from our origins. This statement was not long in having detractors who would defend that the human being has adapted perfectly to the current diet since over the years his body has also evolved in this regard.

Low-carb diets

In any case, low carb diets are recommended for those with intestinal disorders, lightening digestive pain. It should be said that the current paleo diet does not eliminate carbohydrates but it is restrictive against some foods. Reducing gluten intake, it may be advisable in celiac diseases, although there is currently a wide variety of gluten-free carbohydrate products.

Limon y lima

Mandarina y mango

Strawberry & mint

Blueberry y Acai

Problems of the paleo diet

The problems of the paleo diet are concentrated in the excess consumption of animal protein. Currently, in the paleo it is recommended to consume this protein daily and in almost all meals. Even being an exaggeration regarding the Paleolithic diet, since then it was not so easy to hunt animals every day nor could the meat or fish be preserved for days for lack of fridges. Therefore, it is recommended that the diet have the optimum amounts varied to avoid suffering from food deficiency.

The Paleo diet has many advantages, but also disadvantages since it must be taken into account that it is based on the opposite of the current food pyramid. Being the nutritional reference of the proportional amount of food that we must consume daily to be healthy. The food pyramid speaks of 55% carbohydrates, 30% fat and 15% protein, vitamins, minerals and fibers.


Sports drinks for water sports

Unlike the Mediterranean diet, which is proven to be highly healthy, the Paleo diet still has detractors for considering that it does not complete all the food our body needs.

Why do you want to do a paleo diet? To improve your health, to lose weight? Study well how to take foods suitable for paleo and combine them in the healthiest way throughout the week to achieve your goals.

Paleo Diet Recipe

A paleo diet recipe could contain eggs cooked in different ways and accompanied by vegetables: from tortillas to poached eggs. Then, poultry like turkey and chicken; Also cooked with vegetables. As well as rabbit, being one of the meats with a great balance between fats and proteins. If you forget the red meat of veal and pork. As for fish, octopus and squid with a high level of protein is recommended. Blue fish such as tuna or salmon with omega 3. As well as white fish such as hake that contains very little fat. Finally, avocado, varied fruit, coconut variants, nuts, olives and olive oil. With all these ingredients you can make many recipes and develop a complete paleo diet menu.

Regarding the food that is consumed between meals in the paleo diet, we recommend fruit, nuts, ham, coconut or slice of avocado.

These are the paleo foods that we recommend you use so that your diet is balanced and efficient. Enjoy eating, the paleo diet allows it for the variety of ingredients and recipes you can make. Being the way not to give up trying and be paleo for a long time, either to improve your health or maintain your desired weight.

paleo breakfast

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