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Sara García

nacionalidad de deportista Spain

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With more than 13 years in the world of rallies, Sara García takes her passion for motorcycles to the most demanding challenges. The Dakar is one of the biggest challenges facing Sarita in the Original category.

At 18, she participated in the Raid Desert Trophy, being the only woman in the motorcycle category and the first to finish all stages. In 2016 he faced the Intercontinental Rally and subsequently qualified for the tough Merzouga Rally of the Dakar Series.

Champion of the RallyTT Spain in the years 2016, 2017 and 2018. Bajas World Champion in 2017. After debuting in 2019 in the Peruvian Dakar, in 2020 he takes a step forward with his participation in the Dakar of Saudi Arabia. The Zamora rider is clear about her mission: “My goal is to fight against myself. Being alone my motorcycle and me. Enough challenge is trying to finish the Dakar in a category without assistance.”

Sara García makes history, being the first European woman to finish the Dakar without assistance

The Spanish RAW Superdrink rider, Sara García, makes history. Being the first European woman to finish the Dakar on a motorcycle in the Originals category, reserved for those riders who compete without assistance.

After give up on her debut last season, an edition that ran in Peru, Sara Garcia had an outstanding account in this Dakar that was being organized for the first time in Saudi Arabia. After 12 stages and 7,500 kilometers, Sara García achieves her dream, entering the history of the toughest rally in the world.

“Challenge achieved, I still don’t believe it. We have a Finisher medal. Super happy, it has been hard. A lot of joy that I will digest in a few days because I am still in a cloud.”

RAW Superdrink has hydrated Sara García at all stages of the Dakar 2020. Motorcycle riders carry 3 liters of drink in their backpack and the very high natural benefits that RAW brings in hydration have contributed to Sara’s success.

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