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Valencia Marathon

The figures of the Valencia Marathon speak for themselves: 25,000 participants, 81% men and 19% women. Some had already participated in the Barcelona Triathlon. Of all that pile of runners, 61% are Spanish and 39% international; in this edition there will be athletes from exactly 101 nationalities.

It is also very important (especially for all runners), the nearly 200,000 people who take to the streets every year to encourage marathoners; for all of us who run, we know how important the public’s encouragement is. Especially when we face the famous “mental wall” at kilometre 30, with our legs loaded with effort and more than 12 kilometres to go before we reach the finish line. Another small but outstanding detail of this incredible event: in the kilometer 37 of the Valencia’s marathon begins a slight descent until the finish line, 5 kilometers thought for you to enjoy and not suffer in the last measures until the finish line.

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On Sunday 1st December, the Valencia Marathon 2019 will be held on one of the most beautiful routes for the organisation of a 42-kilometre race, ending on the famous 195-metre blue carpet in the City of Arts and Sciences. The climate and the difference in altitude are two of the characteristics that most attract the participants of the Valencian Marathon; with pleasant temperatures even in the month of December and in a practically flat city, with sea and green areas that help to make the route more digestible and, for the most competitive, to achieve good marks. This event, which takes place shortly after Black Friday, brings together participants from over 100 different countries and accumulates a lot of curiosities and data that we will analyze in this article. Welcome to Valencia City of Running!

The route of the Valencia Marathon

It has a flat, fast track. This is one of the particularities that the athletes demand and that Valencia offers them, because this marathon is thought for the participant, without the need to worry about the altimetry or the climbs because you are not going to find them. The circuit has 17 one-kilometre straights and 6 two-kilometre straights, so we suggest that you set a pace and let yourself go, it’s going to fly by. From kilometer 28 onwards, you will reach the most twisty area of the route. This is when you will enter the city center and run surrounded by historical buildings.

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Strawberry & mint

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Refreshments at the Valencia Marathon

And if you need animation, there are hundreds of points along the way where volunteers will help you so that you only have to worry about running. You will also find up to 12 refreshment posts along the way. Volunteers are key to any sporting event and without the selfless contribution of the 2,100 people who help in the Valencia marathon, it would not be possible. On the other hand, the race has a service with 40 doctors, 30 nurses, 250 physiotherapists, 60 chiropodists, 6 SOS skaters, 34 ambulances, 20 doctors who will be running alongside the runners and 40 defibrillators.

valencia marathon 2019

What to eat and drink during a marathon

Hydration in the marathon is key. In a long-distance race, don’t forget to eat and drink every 5 kilometres; otherwise, you could end up paying for it in the last few kilometres, when many athletes get weak and well-known ramps. Even if you have done super-compensation running training, it would be an essential part. The marathon is to be enjoyed and if you hydrate yourself continuously, as well as eat nuts and foods that are easy to digest while running, you will reach the finish line much fresher. We also recommend that you drink a 100% organic isotonic, such as RAW Superdrink, which provides you with natural electrolytes and has no harmful sugars.

You may have wondered how much to drink in a marathon, the body is wise and warns you in the form of dry mouth and others, but when it warns is that you are late in hydrating it. Try not to get to that point and drink constantly. Do not skip a single refreshment. It is also advisable to drink half a litre of liquid before the marathon and, when you cross the finish line, drink as well, as the loss of liquid in the form of sweat from our body is important in a long-distance race. With these tips, recovery in the following hours of the marathon will also be faster and the day after the marathon you will not feel so defeated.

valencia marathon run

Nowadays, it is essential to use a clock during the race that shows your heartbeat and also your rhythm per kilometre. It is an ideal tool for not going out too hard at the beginning of the marathon and then paying for it due to lack of strength, it allows you to control yourself. Many people are hooked on applications like Garmin Connect or Strava. We also recommend that you use these tools in your marathon training plan, the training planned in the weeks and months prior to the marathon are key to get to the race day with the homework done. As well as it is advisable in any activity of great fund to do a test of effort to ensure that your body is suitable for that physical effort.

The dorsal chip in the Valencia Marathon

The chip bib will give you the time done in the marathon and on the race website you will be able to see the results and classification. Last October, Eliud Kipchoge managed to run the marathon record in Vienna under two hours (1:59:40). If you are an amateur athlete, don’t be obsessed by the final time and enjoy the race, it’s the best way to cross the finish line with a good time and a smile, because the marathon hooks you up; there are people who change your life, live it.

how much to drink in a marathon

Public transport to get to the Valencia Marathon

Valencia is committed to the marathon and public transport to the start area will be free on the day of the race. We recommend that you arrive one hour before the marathon and go by public transport, walking or cycling, as in a private vehicle you will have problems getting close and parking.

And after the race? you will want to eat in Valencia, we suggest you enjoy a good paella and orange for dessert, typical products of the area.

As the slogan of the Valencia Marathon says: We Are Marathon!

If you also want to know other training techniques, we recommend you to take a look at our article about climbing a crossfit rope.

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