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What fruits are antioxidants

In this article we will put black on white in one of the most current chapters of healthy nutrition: Knowing which fruits are antioxidants. We talk about what antioxidants mean for the body and, more specifically, the fruits that provide these beneficial properties. Foods that work as a shield against outside aggressions and help you stay young for longer.

Much is written about the health effects of the antioxidant diet and few know about its origin and chemical basis, organized by groups of functional oxygen and hydrogen atoms called hydroxyl (HO) organic compounds.

Antioxidants are reduced elements found in fruits, branches, leaves or roots. If antioxidants are the solution, the goal is to take care of our cells and ultimately our body. A solution that defends itself from free radicals, known as atoms that do not line up with their partners and generate instability, affecting our cells in the long run. The body has ways of stopping free radicals, but when the problem is overflowed by too many of them, we can fall into an irreparable situation. So, to take care of our cells, we will need to eat the best antioxidant foods.

When we are young, our body can deal with free radicals and eliminate them because our cells are fit and recover quickly. But when we are older, this eradication is slower and our cells age faster. In advanced ages we are more exposed to diseases, which can even become chronic.

If we feed ourselves with antioxidant fruits, we will delay the possible diseases generated by the aging of our cells and we will stop the aggression of external elements harmful to health. Very important foods in our daily diet with antioxidant characteristics such as vitamin A, C and E. Beta-carotenes, lutein, lycopene and selenium.

List of antioxidant fruits

What fruits are antioxidants? This is our list: Strawberries are high in manganese and vitamin C, blueberries are notable for their flavonoids, mangos provide magnesium, oranges are the stars of vitamin C, as well as tangerines and lemons. You can also count on other superfoods, which are the fruits with the most antioxidants, such as baobab, which contains antioxidants that help boost our defences, contains minerals, is anti-inflammatory, and pay attention to this fact, because it contains six times more vitamin C than an orange. Organic coconut and guarana are antioxidants and are ideal for those with vascular diseases. Other more common fruits, like the apple that has vitamin C, can also help you.

Lemon & lima

Mandarine & mango

Strawberry & mint

Blueberry & Acai

Use of antioxidants in organic products

All these fruits can also be found in juices and isotonic drinks for athletes. Compared to the great variety of isotonics on the market, RAW Super Drink is the undisputed leader and the number one choice among sports lovers who are looking for natural hydration. More and more athletes are looking for a healthy hydration and RAW Super Drink is the solution to stop the large amount of isotonic products that contain artificial ingredients and very high sugar values that are harmful to health.

Organic products and the use of antioxidants are in unstoppable demand all over the world. RAW Super Drink helps build the next generation of healthy athletes who are looking for 100% organic, functional and nutritional hydration. Available in 4 flavors: Lemon-Lime, Tangerine-Mango, Strawberry-Mint and Cranberry-Acai. Flavors with high antioxidant content.

antioxidant diet

Consumers have changed their way of thinking, their values, environments and lifestyles. A generational shift that seeks different ways to drink, eat, travel and communicate. Healthy hydration has highly beneficial effects on health, the intestinal flora and as a recovery after physical exercise. RAW Super Drink is also the ideal isotonic to stop the symptoms of gastroenteriris, such as diarrhoea; medical studies do not recommend the use of ultra-processed isotonic and hypertonic sweetened drinks in case of stomach disease, as they negatively affect our body.

Other antioxidant fruits

Other antioxidant fruits are blackberries with anti-inflammatory characteristics, Goyi berries that include vitamin E and C, currants, raspberries and melon with a high content of vitamin C, cherries with a good level of phosphorus and potassium, the latter element also found in grapes, papayas and apricots that also provide vitamin A. Bananas have high nutritional characteristics and apples have vitamin C and provide a lot of fibre.

The antioxidant action of vitamin C is remarkable to talk about it in this paragraph. It is a great antioxidant and defends our body and cells from the aforementioned free radicals, a great shield against disease. We also need vitamin C to absorb the iron that is in the products that grow from the earth; that is, fruits or vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables are antioxidants, because we should not forget the vegetables that are also a good antioxidant supplement. So we strongly recommend a complete antioxidant diet in your daily life. These are the foods with the most antioxidants: broccoli, tomatoes, artichokes, garlic, green tea… and, we want to surprise you, also dark chocolate and cinnamon.

You know what antioxidants are and you know the most powerful antioxidants. Don’t forget, eat fruit with antioxidant components every week to feel younger, stronger and to keep out free radicals. You’ll definitely live longer and better.


que frutas son antioxidantes

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