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What is an ecological and isotonic drink

In this article we are going to talk about isotonic drinks, whose main characteristic is that they are highly rehydrating; Therefore, they are ideal for athletes. And, among all of them, we will know which are the best isotonic drinks in the world and why, taking on the main role those that are 100% organic, made with totally natural ingredients. Therefore, we will know what an ecological and isotonic drink is.

Isotonic drinks are also known as sports drinks because they have a high degree of hydration and recovery of electrolyte levels; essential liquids and minerals lost while we sweat while doing sports. They include water mixed with minerals such as sodium and potassium, as well as ingredients that provide vitamins A, B and C.

It should also be clear that isotonic drinks are not energy drinks, loaded with stimulants highly harmful to your health; Isotonic drinks do not include any energy ingredient that stimulates you and its main function is to replenish the lost essential elements for our body and that are vaporized when we exercise. In long-distance sports, where high physical endurance is needed for many hours, such as cycling, running, swimming or triathlon you get to sweat a lot and lose weight easily.

So, with the passing of the hours we will become very dehydrated and, if we do not constantly hydrate, our body will wear out and we will move out of energy reserves or hypoglycemia will appear. It is highly recommended in these sports to always be well hydrated, although in the first kilometers we are in perfect physical condition, we must always keep our levels of essential liquids and minerals well covered. Therefore, we recommend that you hydrate every 15 minutes of sports activity. As well as drink before and after sports.

What an organic and isotonic drink brings

Isotonic drinks provide an optimal level of salts that are concentrated in the membranes of our cells, the isotonic fluid carries an ideal state of electrolytes for our body and, consequently, the size of our cells will not be altered; getting an optimum hydration level. So, when you exercise, you should hydrate with an isotonic to maintain balance in our body.

Lemon & lima

Mandarine & mango

Strawberry & mint

Blueberry & Acai

The best isotonic drink

On the other hand, hypotonic drinks are those solutions that provide a lower concentration of salts in the external environment of the cell. In this case, the cell will grow to find balance where there is a concentration of salts. At the other extreme, we have hypertonic drinks, with an over concentration of salts; Therefore, the cell will lose water faster and you will become dehydrated right away. In short, the best way to recover the correct electrolyte level for our body is to drink an isotonic. And it is proven that the best isotonic drink is one that is made with 100% natural products, without added sugars, sweeteners or preservatives harmful to your health, your teeth and risk of diabetes. RAW Superdrink is the world’s first 100% organic isotonic drink that, apart from recovering your electrolyte levels, has a high nutritional value, has 6 times more vitamin C than an orange and is also the best solution when we suffer from intestinal problems. Being the ideal antioxidant to take care of our skin, tendons and bones. RAW Superdrink has been chosen by professionals as the best isotonic drink.

Best isotonic drink

Homemade isotonic drinks

There is also the possibility of making a homemade isotonic drink by mixing water with juice of, for example, 2 citrus fruits, cane sugar, 2 heaped tablespoons, iodized salt, 5 gr (1 teaspoon), baking soda and 5 gr (1 teaspoon ). But, without a doubt, it will be more beneficial to buy an ecological isotonic drink that brings much more profit to your health than you could get by making a homemade isotonic; drink that, for your convenience, you will already find made.

Difference between home made alkaline lemonade and isotonic drink

Homemade alkaline lemonade is not an isotonic, but it is optimal if we suffer from gastroenteritis. In these cases, as our body admits few foods, it will hydrate and provide glucose and potassium. It is done by previously heating the water so that all the bacteria are eliminated, then we will mix the water with lemon and the rest of the ingredients such as sodium bicarbonate, sugar and salt.

There are other types of organic drinks that are not isotonic, such as organic oatmeal; composed of water and oatmeal that provides protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, healthy fats, trace elements and minerals. The organic soy drink, composed of water and soy beans that provide macronutrients, vitamins, plant and mineral compounds.


Homemade alkaline lemonade

We will also find other organic vegetable drinks such as rice, barley, birdseed, chíarice, or organic coconut drink with high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, avoiding muscle aches and cramps, among others; 100% organic and that can replace cow’s milk. There is a new and wider list of vegetable drinks coinciding with the arrival of new products in the market and the rise of the so-called healthy diet.

So, if you are an athlete and want to maximize your performance taking care of your health, it is best to consume a 100% organic isotonic drink.

Organic coconut drink

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