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What to eat before training?

Athletes are always looking for ways to improve their performance and achieve their goals. After each training session, it is advisable to eat properly to get our body working and recovering better. In this report we tell you how to eat correctly through the knowledge of the nutrients you should eat before exercising; with the objective of improving your performance.

Planning a fitness meal for sport with the right foods will give you the energy and strength you need to exercise much more efficiently, like the properties of ginger. The content of each nutrient is essential for your workout and it should be appropriate to your anatomy and sport.

Below we will focus on the following macronutrients: carbohydrates, proteins and fats.


The glucose from the carbohydrates will be used and stored in your muscles and liver. When we practise sports like sprint and with a powerful intensity we use first of all the glucose located in your muscles. And in endurance sports, the level at which we will use the carbohydrates will depend on the type of training. Quickly absorbed carbohydrates such as honey, sugar, fruit juices, bananas or raisins will give you quick energy in low fuel situations. Muscles store glycogen, but it is not unlimited and its usefulness decreases when you are doing sport. Carbohydrate consumption is stored throughout the days in your body and will be key to your muscles being able to use glycogen to its fullest.


Eating protein before training will improve your sports performance, and if you’ve ever wondered what to eat before training to gain muscle or what to eat before weight training, eating protein, alone or with carbohydrates, before exercise has been shown to increase muscle protein production. We will get a better anabolic response, muscle recovery, increasing body mass, strength and performance. Mainly cereals, pasta and rice; also fruit, vegetables and milk or yogurt.

Lemon & lima

Mandarine & mango

Strawberry & mint

Blueberry & Acai


The fat is ideal for use in low intensity and endurance sports. Just the opposite of glycogen which will be optimal for sprint and high intensity exercise.

In summary: carbohydrates maximize glycogen stores for high intensity exercise, while fat helps feed your body for longer, less intense workouts. On the other hand, protein improves muscle protein synthesis and aids in recovery.

to eat before training

What to eat before training in the morning

You may have wondered what to eat before training in the morning or what to have for breakfast before running, we recommend some of these examples: whole grain bread sandwich, lean protein and a salad. Or egg omelette and whole-grain toast topped with avocado and a cup of fruit. Or brown rice and vegetables.

What to eat after training

And at lunchtime, before you exercise, try to eat carbohydrates, proteins and fats at least two hours before. If you don’t have time, such as less than an hour before exercise, ideally choose easily digestible carbohydrates and proteins, so you won’t have stomach problems.

Once you’ve exercised, the question that will come to mind will be what to eat after your workout. We recommend yogurt and fruit, peanut butter sandwich, low-fat milk, post-workout recovery shakes or turkey on whole-grain bread with vegetables.

Not to mention hydration, which is crucial and without it we don’t carburize. Optimal hydration protects us and delays our fatigue. That’s why you should look at the best isotonic drinks that include natural nutrients such as RAW Super Drink, the first 100% organic isotonic drink for athletes and ideal for drinking before, during and after physical exercise. Because you may have wondered what to drink after training, the ideal drink being one that provides you with natural electrolytes and superfruits with a high nutritional content.

what to eat after training

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