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Bianca Borck

Born in Joinville, Santa Cataliana, Brazil. Adventurous and free-spirited, this is how Bianca Borck defines herself. From an early age (11 years old) she has enjoyed travelling and expressing herself in any way, whether through photography or editing. However, modelling was a subject that she initially disliked. After much thought, at the age of 16 she decided to give modelling a chance and entrusted herself to an agency to get into the world of modelling. As she liked to express herself, she liked the feeling of being free and being a child again.

Travelling nourishes her as a woman. Learning about new cultures helps her to know herself better as a person and to face any situation as the modelling world is very hard. Even so, she loves working on it, editing photos, creating photo content...

For Bianca "expressing myself and feeling free fills my soul. Modelling is more than just a pretty face". Being able to show what you feel through a camera is a hard task but one that she loves.

Over the years she started to care a lot about an ecological lifestyle: healthy eating, eco-friendly clothing.... In RAW she has found an ally that helps her to improve the way she hydrates herself.

"I am a free spirit just like RAW"

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