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Cristian Barrios, better known as Chigre is a football content creator, and mainly creates FIFA content.
He started his YouTube career in 2014, creating videos with his friends and dabbling in comedy to some degree. By 2015 he had his own channel, and at the time he was commentating on matches that were interesting.
Around 2017 he started broadcasting on the Twitch platform, with very good support from the community he had at the time. Both the first time he had 100 live viewers, and the first time he had 1000, it was an amazing experience.

Now, you can find him 6 days a week on the Twitch platform, at 7pm Spanish time... With his "Well guys, it's 7 o'clock already!" He gives you the daily news from FIFA.... Imagine now, that he is supported by more than 20.000 people live!!!!

"In the career of a streamer we always get a lot of support from brands, and RAW Superdrink is a great travelling companion, because it's not all about being on the networks and platforms; I like to take care of myself and for that I go to the gym every day, I play football with my friends and I take care of my diet. And of course, both on and off the stage, you always have to stay hydrated, so I drink healthy!"

"My favourite flavour is blueberry & açai"

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