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Edgar Torronteras

When you talk about Edgar Torronteras you talk about pure show, as he has been, and is, one of the best freestylers of all times. Even today, with 41 years old, only few people is able to do what Edgar can "draw" on a motorbike.

We could say that Edgar Torrenteras has been a free spirit human during his whole career. In fact, he used to participate in motocross competitions to get ahead, as his passion was to get carried away on the motorbike and doing maneuvers or acrobatics which made people freak out. And of course he got the achievement, to such an extent that today heis one of the leyends of freestyle all over the world.

Edgar has found RAW a perfect partner for his daily life. He feels "grateful for being able to participate with a drink which encourages good habits of consumption and helps you to recover in the most natural and beneficial way for oyur body.

Edward Torronteras, the freestyle legend.

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