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Hydration in video games

Respect, professionalism, effort, team spirit, mental strength, fair play, hydration and evolving to improve are some of the practices that lead young people to become professional video game players. The brain of gamers must be at 100% and that is why hydration in video games is essential.


How do e-sports players train?

As in any professional sport, it takes much more than training and education. Healthy food habits that favours the demands of elite sports, and adequate hydration are part of the healthy life of a professional video game player . Currently e-sports competitions reach national and international heights. Becoming a professional e-sports player is not an easy path and it is necessary to take care of both diet, psychology, and physical exercise. It is common knowledge that a moto3 rider can lose up to 1.5 litters after a race, but not many know that dehydration produced by playing video games directly affects reflexes. Therefore, an essential part of training for e-sports players is staying hydrated. Energy drinks have done a lot of damage in this world, providing an amount of sugar and stimuli that are counterproductive to maintain a good level of competition. RAW Superdrink is the first organic isotonic drink with no added sugar indicated for young professional e-sports players.

How does a professional content creator live?

As with any professional activity, lowering the piston a bit can mean going from the top to disappearing from the picture in days. If we count the competitions, sponsorships, royalties and marketing, online content creators and e-sports players can generate very high levels of income. Professional gamers seek to stay at the highest level of demand and relocate to high-performance centers, where they carry out adequate training, both physically and psychologically. Training takes up the entire day. They train physically for three to four hours to release stress and enhance their discipline. Due to the instability of the sector, psychological support is part of this training. They then train for an average of 7 hours in a row with a professional coach or trainer who oversees the team following a common strategy, as is the case with any professional sport.

How to improve performance in eSports?

One of the things that really makes the difference between how professional e-sports players train and how those who are not yet train, is taking care of some truly critical aspects that tend to get overlooked. For this reason, if you want to stand out in the world of esports, you will have to realize that it is useless if you spend the day playing your favourite video game if you fail in everything else. If you do not control the details. Aspects such as maintaining a good diet or leading a healthy lifestyle mark clear competitive advantages between gamers who manage to reach the top and those who stay on the road. Avoiding the feeling of thirst is a fundamental part of training. The times when it was enough to “just” have a lot of talent and put hours into video games are definitely history, so if you want to have real chances on becoming a sports professional you would need to understand very well how video games affect your brain and how you can take care of it to improve. Most of the key factors that have to do with the "fast-paced" world of e-sports are controlled from the brain (such as reaction time , which is the time it takes to respond to a given stimulus, the ability to concentrate or stress management among other emotions).

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