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True Values

At RAW weare committed to promoting sport from the grassroots, that is why we are proud to be part of the Celta de Vigo Foundation. We give back to society a part ofeverything that it gives us, developing the sports and human aspects of theseyoung athletes through RAW values: improving eating habits and promoting a BIOdrink that is totally suitable for hydrating children and young people in acompletely free of sugars and through a functional isotonic drink that helpssports recovery. As an athlete, diet is essential and itbecomes even more important at younger ages. Looking for foods rich in mineralsalts and having a balanced diet is key to maintaining an active and healthylifestyle. In general, diets and low-carbohydrate foods are usually the best option to achieve these goals and RAW Super Drink falls into this category. We make available to all the children and young people of the foundation a drink that helps them carry these healthy habits, which they need and that helps them todevelop as athletes. We hydrate the generation of future athletes who arelooking for a functional drink that is completely healthy and adapted to newhabits.


At RAW we are with sport, and among ourpillars is to promote it from the beginning, to support and encourage the greatwork of Celta de Vigo Foundation with the youngest, for its spread of sportvalues through talks in educational centers and football clubs and above allfor the message of the importance of physical activity and proper habits,largely in line with RAW values ​​and with the mark that we want to leave insociety and in future generations.

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