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Cycling in the center

Both Gobik and RAW carry cycling as their flag. Right from the start, Gobik madecustomization of cycling clothing his DNA. For its part, RAW is the Official Isotonic drink of the Movistar Team , one of the best teams in theinternational peloton, as well as being part of many other projects related tocycling, such as the collaboration with MMR team or Buff Scott . It could besaid that cycling is one of the sports with which RAW was born, so this type ofcollaboration with brands that, like Gobik, also admire and respect our sportseems coherent.

Gobik & RAW united by the same passion!

Textiles are an extension of the cyclist's feelings and movements. Gobik is a specialist in capturing the soul of this sport and capturing it in its fully customised equipment: this international benchmark brand has turned its unique pieces into a way of expressing the cyclist's feelings on the bike.

From the respect, passion and feeling for cycling, the union between Gobik and RAW arises one more year in a co-branding project that takes shape with the launch of the Maillot Cadence Rainbow, so that all RAWLovers and lovers of this sport can celebrate the arrival of good weather with the best equipment.

Clothes say a lot about who wears them and this jersey is the result of the many values we share. Now, with the new Maillot RAW TEAM by Gobik, we have improved the quality of the design to give our users what they are asking for. Not only that, but this year we are upping the ante and launching our very own Cullote Absolute Short.

RAW and GOBIK commitment with quality and the planet

There is another essential pillar that we share with GOBIK: sustainability and caring for the planet. Each brand in its field.

From Gobik they try to progressively leave non-reusable techniques and materials. Its objective is to achieve a circular design model based on reuse and the product´s second life to offer a more positive impact on our planet. For our part, RAW has maintained a line of sustainability since its inception: betting on ingredients with BIO traceability certified by the BIO certificate of the European Union and using infinitely recyclable aluminum packaging and ecoPET.

A Very Limited Edition

The new Maillot RAW TEAM by Gobik is a Limited Edition that celebrates the return to the road and results in one of the most technical and striking designs ever created by GOBIK. Aerodynamic performance and design inspired by the colours of RAW coupled with cycling tradition.

Its unique combination of fabrics allows for reduced aerodynamic drag on the back and sleeves with a textured fabric, while the smooth back favours airflow.

The Absolute Short Culotte is designed to deliver professional performance without sacrificing comfort and durability, it is a racing short with excellent compression, comfort and lightweight qualities. Its TXR side panels make it adapt to the rider's every movement.

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