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Ibone Gómez

Ibone Gómez Pérez is a 15-year-old surfer who lives in Leioa (Euskadi) and is closely linked to the sea. Her parents, who also surf, introduced her to this sport and helped her to catch her first waves. She started training at the age of 7 at the Pukas Ptx club (Sopelana) with Aritza Saratzaga, her coach. That same year she took her first championship, the Bizkaia championship, in which she came first. From that day on, Ibone knew that what she liked was to compete. Nowadays, her life is divided in two: school and the sea.

Her best results are:

- #13 in the World Surf Live (WSL) Open Championship

-National runner-up in the U14 category in 2018.

- Seventh place in the Iberdrola League Open Surf Nationals

- #22 in the World Surf Live (WSL) European Junior Championship

"WHen i'm at the sea i feel free"

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