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Upgrade Yourself, train with Nike and RAW!

Upgrade Yourself is Nike's latest project and was born with the aim of optimizing training time of athletes of all levels. For the first time, the Nike Fitness Space has selected its partners in nutrition, recovery and training. And in the hydration section, it has chosen RAW for being the number one BIO isotonic drink in the world. RAW has been the isotonic drink chosen by Nike to collaborate in this incredible project aimed at radically improving the habits of all types of women, from teenagers and college students to women of all ages

Keys to understand Upgrade Yourself

Upgrade Yourself is not a project designed only for great athletes. If you are one ofthose who enter a gym and do not know very well what to do, or those who go outfor a run but just occasionally, or one of those who simply want to improve insports and in their daily wellness ... this is about you  It's not about doing more sport : we want youto learn how to make the most of your time and your workouts! In the Nike App you will have all the progress and workouts of three girls who want to feel better through sport. Upgrade Yourself is not only about sports, it includes partners in  nutrition and lifestyle such  as RAW, which will help you understand how good eating habits can improve your quality of life and yoursports performance.

6 muses to inspire you

Joining the Upgrade Yourself project will help you face the year with healthy lifestyle habits . For this we have 6 muses who will propose three quite different but totally complementary sport objectives: mobility, endurance and strength. By including these 6 profiles in the Upgrade Yourself project, we show that anygirl can start doing sports and that anyone can feel identified. As athletesand as people, we all have strengths and weaknesses. Points that we canimprove. But it does not matter, RAW Superdrink and Upgrade Yourself by Nikeare also about that: to enhance our strengths and improve our weaknesses, andalso to know and value ourselves positively.

In these 6 profiles, we highlight three personal trainers, a coach who will act as general coordinator and two more trainers for special classes. But what are the names behind Upgrade Yourself? To achieve improvement, we will have the help of Paula Butragueño, in the role of coach, and 3 personal trainers (Anna Pérez for strength; Mireia Borras for mobility and Judit Abarca for resistance). Inaddition, Mimi Albero and Ares Aixalà will be in charge of directing the special classes.

The Upgrade Yourself trainees will face each week thematics workouts that will help them improve, and they will do it together with you,so you can grow together. It will be a total of 8 weeks in which you will discover a funnier and efficient way of doing sports, which optimizes your time and your results and which covers a lot of different but intense disciplines: fitness, motivation,nutrition, running, recovery (very important to us), yoga, HIT.


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