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Raúl Zunzarrenn passion for MOTOSPORT

Raúl Zunzarren is a karting driver, born in Pamplona in 2009 and has been driving a kart since he was two years old. He competed in his first race when he was only 3 years old.

To date, he has competed in more than 100 races and has been on the podium in more than half of them.

In the 2021 season he has been proclaimed Spanish Champion and has achieved a 4th place in the lame Euroseries. His dream is to be a Formula 1 World Champion, for which he combines his daily studies with a healthy diet, physical training and simulator training.

His motto: "There is no corner where overtaking is impossible. It's just a matter of deciding when to do it" (Ayrton Senna).

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