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Discover the Antioxidant Pack of 12 bottles of RAW Superdrink 400 mL.

 The Antioxidant Pack includes 6 bottles of Blueberry & Açai and 6 bottles of Strawberry & Mint, a real antioxidant boost to rehydrate and recharge your electrolytes in a completely 100% organic way.

RAW Blueberry - Açai has been developed using organic açai berries and blueberries to improve your flexibility and hydration and on the other hand, we have RAW Strawberry - Mint as one of our most refreshing flavours.

If you consider yourself as a lover of sport and healthy eating, RAW is your best ally for natural, clean and functional hydration. RAW is the healthiest sports drink: no added sugar, loaded with electrolytes, suitable for vegans and coeliacs.